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SparkHire v/s InCruiter- Product Comparison for Informed Decision Making

Product Comparison

In this technology-driven environment where 75% of companies are using video interview software for their hiring, it is essential to have a clear idea about the available options. Platforms for hiring have become important tools for expediting the employment process. InCruiter and Spark Hire are two of the most prominent players in the video interview software market. 

There are several video interview platforms available in the market, but what differentiates and makes them better are the additional features. This blog will provide a thorough comparison of both video interview platforms so that you can choose between them wisely. From the things you must consider to their highlighted features, we have covered it all. Continue scrolling through to know more.

Things to Consider Before Getting Video Interview Software

Video interview software has become a necessity in the world of hiring. With technological advancement, organizations are leaning towards video interviews and ditching face-to-face interviews as they are time-consuming and require more effort and money. It has been proven that using video interview software results in a 20% reduction in cost per hire and a 50% reduction in hiring time. Let us look at some things you must consider before investing in a video interview platform.

What’s Your Purpose?

Before investing in video interview software, first, understand what your purpose is. Choose if you want to shorten the time and expense of in-person interviews, improve coordination between hiring teams, streamline the initial screening procedure, or all of the above. Based on that, you must decide which video interview software to go for.

What Features You Require?

Review the features and functionalities before investing in a video interview platform. Look for features like interview recording, real-time feedback, live code compiler, automated scheduling, white-labeled report, and more based on your requirements. Ensure you have all the required features for a smooth hiring process.

Is it Compatible With Your ATS?

Always ensure that the video interview software integrates seamlessly with your ATS (applicant tracking system); even some video interview softwares comes with inbuilt ATS like InCruiter’s InCVid. Check whether the video interview tool is compatible with email platforms and other programs to avoid future glitches. The ability to integrate will increase productivity and decrease manual data entry. 

Is It User-Friendly?

Before investing in a video interview platform, don’t forget to take free trials and demos. This will give you a proper idea of how the user interface is and whether or not it is smooth and user-friendly. Choose a platform that is simpler to navigate, has clear instructions for candidates, and provides a smooth experience for both interviewers and candidates.

What is Your Budget?

Before investing, check whether the pricing structure inclines with your budget or not. Evaluate whether the pricing structure of the software aligns with your hiring needs, such as the number of interviews or users you anticipate. Also, consider the scalability of the software to accommodate your organization’s growth and scaling.

How is the Customer Support?

Lastly, do not forget to check customer support. There can be situations where you or your employees might face problems, and in such times you require good customer support. Look for comprehensive support options, including email, live chat, or phone support, and resources like knowledge bases, tutorials, and user communities. 

InCruiter v/s Spark Hire 

With so many video interview platforms available in the market, InCruiter and Spark Hire stand out as they provide the best in the market. They both offer a range of features to simplify and smoothen out the hiring process for organizations. InCruiter focuses on intelligent candidate matching and leveraging advanced algorithms to connect employers with potential candidates based on their skills and experience. 

On the other hand, SparkHire emphasizes video interviewing as its standout feature. The platform enables employers to conduct live one-way interviews, saving time and resources. Let us see how they both differ from each so that you can decide for yourself which video interview software you need for your business.

FeaturesInCruiterSpark Hire
AI-Powered JDX
One-Way Video Interviews X
Interview Scheduling
Panel ManagementX
Real-time Feedback
Applicant TrackingX
ATS Integration
Calendar InviteX
AI JD to CV MatchX
AI Powered JDX
Live Code CompilerX
White Labelled Feedback ReportX
White Labelling Video PlatformX
Screening AI QuestionsX


InCruiter excels in intelligent candidate matching, team collaboration, and AI-powered features that surely stand out and provide you with the best video interviewing experience. As important as it is to have certain features, it is also important to consider your business’s requirements. 

Ultimately, the choice between InCruiter and Spark Hire depends on your organization’s requirements and preferences. By evaluating their key features, pricing models, user experience, and customer support, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your recruitment goals and get the best video interview software for your business. 

Q. Which is the best video interview platform in the market?

Ans: InCruiter is one of the best video interview platforms in the market, with tons of features to make the hiring process efficient.

Q. Does InCruiter offers AI features in its video interview software?

Ans: Yes, InCruiter offers AI features like a live code compiler, AI-powered JD and JD to CV match in its video interview software.

Q. Is InCruiter’s InCVid compatible with any ATS?

Ans: Yes, InCruiter’s InCVid is compatible with any ATS.

We hope this helps! For more details, check out InCruiter.

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