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10 Video Interview Tips Every Recruiter Must Know About

Video interview tips for interviewers to conduct seamless interviews

According to a survey, almost 82% of employers use video interviews, and 93% plan to continue using them. While video interviews have been around for quite some time now, it was only after the pandemic that their demand shot up. Today, remote or virtual interviews have become the norm because of the convenience they offer. This means, as a recruiter, you must know the necessary video interview tips to make a positive impact and also pick the right candidate from the lot based on remote interactions. Otherwise, you might miss out on the best. 

Advantages of Video Interview For Recruiters 

Well, 60% of recruiters say they regularly lose candidates before scheduling an interview, which can be avoided with the help of a video interview as it is quick and seamless. But there are several other advantages as well. Take a look!

  • You are no longer bound to a particular city or state. With video interviews, you can widen your talent pool as there are no geographical limitations. 
  • You can save time substantially as the process is quicker when compared to in-person meetings. 
  • Video interviews reduce the need for travel and accommodation, which saves costs for both candidates and recruiters. 
  • There is a sense of flexibility in scheduling and screening the candidates.
  • Video interviews are convenient as one can attend from anywhere. 
  • With AI-based interviews, you can maintain a standardized interview process, making evaluating candidates on the same benchmark easier. 

Now that you know about the advantages, let’s take a look at the top 10 video interview tips for recruiters that can help you conduct even better video interviews.

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Mastering the Art of Online Video Interviewing

These are a few tips you can use to help you out! 

an infographic showing top 10 video interview tips

Re-Check Tools

    It’s always best to see if everything is in order. You can set up at least 5-10 minutes before the given slot and re-check your tools. For instance, check your system, internet connection and interview platforms like Gmeet, Zoom, or IncVid to ensure everything is running smoothly. 

    You can also see if your webcam and headphones are up to the mark, so there are no interruptions. 

    Remember, nobody likes tardiness. Today, even potential employees judge your every move. Therefore, to ensure you make a positive impact and enjoy a seamless session, check your tech before you are supposed to start.

    The Location Of The Interview 

      Imagine this. You are on time and everything is in order. But the lighting in the room is not the greatest. This is not only off-putting but can distract candidates from giving their best.

      Therefore, it can be helpful to have a designated area for your remote interviews where the lighting is good and there are fewer echoes. Also, you can ensure the area is quiet and cool so you can interview with ease. 

      Always Provide Clear Instruction

        You never want to lose out on the best candidates, and the best way to avoid this is to provide clear instructions on how the interviews will work. This is one of the necessary recorded video interview tips that you must always follow. You can always mail the candidates a set of instructions prior to the interview to avoid any confusion. 

        For instance, if you are using AI-powered software for video interviews, let candidates know how to access the platform, the format of the questions, etc.

        Structure Your Questions Well 

          Always structure your questions well. In fact, this is also one of the best-pre-recorded video interview tips. What we mean by this is to come up with a questionnaire that’s clear and direct. Let there be no room for any miscommunication. 

          Also, include a mix of questions, such as delving deep into their skills to their experience so you can gauge them well. 

          Share The Interview Structure Before You Start 

            Once you are done with the initial greeting, you can offer a tentative interview structure to ensure your candidate feels more at ease. Infact, it is also beneficial because they become well aware of the flow of conversation and where it is heading. 

            For instance, you can start with a brief introduction, followed by questions about the candidate’s experience and skills, and end with a chance for the candidate to ask any questions they may have. 

            Offer Guidance or Give Examples For Ideal Responses 

              Before you get on with the interview, it is best to share general tips on how candidates can present their answers. You can also provide a couple of examples to make it easier. 

              Also, encourage your prospects to highlight their achievements, skills, or experiences relevant to the role in their answers.

              Keep Your Tone Professional Yet Engaging 

                You must be especially careful if you are opting for recorded videos. Here, focus on your tone as well because you don’t want to come across as robotic. 

                Make sure you use a professional and welcoming voice. The idea is to make the candidate feel comfortable even when the set-up is pre-recorded. 

                Brush Up Your Video Interview Skills 

                  Practice active listening, clear communication, non-verbal cues, and adaptability to polish your online interview capabilities. When your video interview skills are top-notch, it helps you strike the right conversation and ask the necessary questions. 

                  Let’s say a recruiter is busy asking candidates about their experiences but fails to dig deep into any recent certifications or skills they have developed. The recruiter misses out on the valuable qualifications and updated competencies the candidate could bring to the role.

                  Don’t Go Beyond The Set Time 

                    Do you remember those school days when the teacher would sometimes extend their time into our lunch breaks? Nobody really liked that! 

                    In the same way, you must finish the interview as per the set time slot. It shows you respect the candidate’s time and this, in turn, creates a positive impact. 

                    Use Pre-Recorded Interviews To Your Advantage 

                      Pre-recorded video interviews can be great as they save a ton of time. Especially if you are using platforms that offer AI transcripts like IncVid, the whole interview becomes skimmable where you can focus on the highlights to see if the candidate’s responses align with your requirements. 

                      You can also ask your colleagues to review a few pre-recorded interviews if you need a second opinion. Further, having multiple opinions even reduces the risk of biased conclusions.

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                      The Final Note 

                      Whether you are a candidate or a recruiter, the right virtual interview etiquette helps you make a positive impact. They make the entire process seamless and make way for professional and successful interactions. 

                      And these video interview skills need not be complex. Something as simple as checking your tech before the start of the interview can go a long way.


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