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How are companies benefiting from the IaaS platform?

How are companies benefiting from the IaaS platform?

With employment numbers rising, businesses and companies are preparing for a large-scale hiring initiative. But, as recruiting demands continue to grow let us ask this, is your internal talent acquisition team prepared for what is to come? If the answer is no, then opting for an IaaS platform would be a wise choice.

Barely has anyone noticed that a lot recruiters to date are stuck between the deep sea and the devil; conventional hiring and technology (respectively). Needless to say, companies that have embraced technology at an unprecedented rate have experienced easy transactions and seamless hiring processes. They have also started recognizing the need for external support who can manage all of the recruitment processes and build a world-class hiring process with ever-evolving modular steps.

One such modular step that has been expediting the hiring process is Interview as a Service (IaaS). In the present world, time to offer is key in the hiring process. An IaaS platform can quickly screen candidates with its technical or pre-mentioned skillset or merit without interrupting you’re the valuable time of your experts.  Here, we find the need to address how companies can benefit from IaaS.

It is organized and systematic

Provides fast and unbiased judgement

Follows a validated procedure

Has expert panel of interviewers

Offers customized interview experience

Let us further explore some reasons why it can bring a paradigm shift to the hiring process.

An Expert Interviewer Panel

Earlier, people were trained for a particular job and did that job in the trained manner for as long as possible.  However, today flexibility and a steep learning curve that will keep skills up to date has become vital.

When there is a shift in how an employee does his or her work, we need an expert, unbiased and unfathomable person who can help you hire the ideal person with the right skill to help you achieve your (business) goal. With IaaS, the interviewers are experts with not just domain expertise but also interviewing knowledge and skills, and willingness to learn.

An assembled panel of experts will crowdsource questions that are fresh and of high quality. These panel experts are further supported with the best interviewing infrastructure which will help them to focus on the candidate’s technical strengths.

Winning the Talent War

Having said what an IaaS-enabled selection panel would look like and what would they be looking forward to. Let us tell you here what you should be expecting from them. Be it a domain-level interview or seeking a defined skill, IaaS enables you to get a pool of talented and skilled potential employees.  The team will help you find a candidate that fits perfectly for the role by accurately assessing their skills, agility, problem-solving ability, critical thinking ability and growth ability (ability to adapt and learn new skills, techniques).

Unprejudiced Hiring

When we have a team of experts dedicatedly working to ensure that they get the best out of all potential candidates, the chances of unbiased hiring are high. And that is exactly why companies should be outsourcing interviews.  IaaS, the process is strictly result-oriented, objective transparent, and focused on just hiring the right person. Here there is little scope for conscious or unconscious human bias.

Cutting the Cost and Promising Efficiency

No one can deny that the entire process of shortlisting a candidate, screening, assessing, and lastly hiring is a time-consuming process. Companies spend hours and days in this process. This is where interviewing a service can help you. Being enabled with the latest technology, a group of people predominantly focused on fulfilling your company’s talent requirement will deliver interview results faster. As a team is exclusively working on just hiring, they will speed up the hiring process and shortlist the best candidate at the earliest. Companies, while focusing on business as usual, can also expand their reach for a candidate at a fraction of the cost.

Technology at Play

There is a fact that we all can agree upon and it is that technology is the key to improving every aspect of our lives. Technology today has invaded our lives to a great extent and we can say that it is already solving problems that we didn’t know existed until it came along.

Hiring is one such area where the rapid pace of technological advancements has helped recruiters, and business owners address several challenges. Finding the right candidate within a reasonable time is one such obstacle. However, IaaS allows you to delegate and outsource missions with confidence and assurance that the result will be accurate, unbiased and under the best conditions.

Business As Usual

While an expert team is already completely focused on hiring the right candidate, employee or team player, the other aspect of the business can be usual. This could even save the time of the HR and help them plan L&D programs or other employee engagement programs.

Time is Now

Attempting to know all and sticking to the age-old hiring practice is a flawed approach in today’s world. Outsourcing interviews will bring a fundamental shift in businesses and will not only help companies find the best fit but also help business leaders to evolve as disruptive leaders.


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