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How Crowdsourcing Improves the Hiring Process

How Crowdsourcing Improves the Hiring Process

When it comes to hiring, finding talent isn’t an exercise in patience, it’s about knowing where to search. Job boards are like taking a shot in the dark. Maybe you’ll find a good candidate, but it’s more than likely you won’t. And if you don’t, your HR team has just spent weeks trying to find someone who doesn’t exist on Naukri. On paper, LinkedIn sounds like a better option. After all, each person’s network is filled with people who are talented in the skills you’re looking for. While that’s a good start, it’s no guarantee you’ll find the perfect match. Sometimes, the people you’re looking for, don’t use the platforms you do. What do you do? You can either have your HR team use every platform imaginable (a time and task management nightmare) or find out who can help you in reaching those essential employees. This is where crowd recruiting comes in.

What are Crowd Recruiting and Crowdstaffing?

Crowdrecruiting is the practice of using a community of recruiters, hiring agencies, and even industry professionals to recruit, hire, and train talent that matches the hiring and cultural goals of a company. Although this might seem like a new practice, it’s not that far off from referral programs that most companies already use. Referrals are often more attuned with company culture and have skill sets that are more in line with what your organization would be looking for in hiring platforms. On the other hand, crowd staffing leans in a different direction. In a Crowdstaffing model, recruitment consultants work with staffing curators in organizations to find talent for roles and tasks the organization needs to fulfill. Here, in addition to finding full-time roles, freelance talent can also offer their services to organizations willing to pay for them. But why does crowd recruiting and crowd staffing work? On paper, it can seem like a haphazard way of recruiting essential personnel.

Why Crowd Recruiting and Crowdstaffing Works

When it comes to understanding why recruiting platforms need to learn how crowd recruiting and crowd staffing works, there are a few major points to consider.

#1. Hire from larger talent pools

Companies are set to drastically increase the volume at which they hire, with 40% of organizations looking at professional social networks for their talent needs. In contrast to traditional methods like cold calling or job board posting, crowd recruiting can tap into a large pool of niche talent. Crowdstaffing can find competitive employees and freelancers for roles that cannot be easily filled. And instead of focusing on an in-house recruitment team, leaving the job to crowd staffing agencies can save a lot of time for HR teams.

#2. Find better talent

One of the biggest challenges for HR professionals and companies today is finding quality talents to fill vacancies in companies. Glassdoor reveals 48% of HR professionals in hiring simply don’t get quality candidates to choose from. This is where crowd recruiting comes in. For roles with niche talent requirements, crowdsourcing talent can often be more trustworthy than traditional hiring. Additionally, by using the skills of talent agencies and consultants, who often have better networks to find the necessary personnel, can save a lot of time.

#3 Build a workforce unconstrained by physical borders

One thing that’s often overlooked is the fact that the people you want to hire are often not going to be available within your particular geography. If you want to find the best talent, then you’ll want to look beyond boundaries. And in crowd staffing, recruitment marketplaces can stand to benefit by allowing niche and hard-to-find talent to access the jobs they deserve. And when organizations have the capacity to allow for remote work, it makes it even easier for these talents to move into positions more suited for them.

#4. Scaling

As companies find success and inevitably grow larger to cater to more clients, hiring also needs to scale up. And when you’re looking for talented personnel, this can become a gigantic headache. Regardless of the role that’s needed to be performed, this can help organizations reach talented employees through reliable contacts. If your organization has multiple tasks that can be broken up, hiring talent with specialized skill sets through crowdsource recruitment agencies and crowd staffing specialists can make hiring a lot less time-consuming.

#5. Modernized hiring solutions

Traditionally, hiring has mostly been about sifting through resumes and cold calling people to see if they’re interested in picking up the role. Even with job portals and job boards, the process has barely changed for decades. Crowd recruiting platforms such as InCruiter are built from the ground up to move away from this antiquated methodology of hiring and help companies find skilled people more efficiently. Using hiring consultancies and agencies can also save a lot of effort and time for companies that would otherwise have to spend a lot of effort in even establishing a point of contact with a potential employee.

#6. Enhance hiring experience

Candidates today are available on every major social network and participate in online communities tuned to their work and interests. For them, companies should reach out to them on whatever platform they’re using, whether it’s a traditional job board or a professional social network like LinkedIn. Additionally, candidates also expect different perks. They want flexible work hours, digital infrastructure where they can collaborate with multiple teams without hassle, and prefer to choose the location they work from. If you want to make your hiring experience attractive for candidates, crowd recruiting using platforms like InCruiter, and crowd staffing through specialized consultants and agencies have become the best method.


Using crowd recruiting and crowd staffing for specialized skill sets and niche talent requirements can make the hiring process a lot easier for companies. Crowdrecruiting tools also have candidates who are pre-screened saves a lot of time for company HR teams who would otherwise be forced to sift through each detail. Leveraging crowd staffing agencies let traditional HR teams find quality staff faster, which also lets organizations scale quicker. Crowdsource recruitment agencies like InCruiter are becoming the future of talent acquisition for companies around the world. By delivering quality candidates for all types of roles, crowd recruiting platforms and crowd staffing consultancies have established they’re here to stay and change how hiring is approached. If you’re interested in how crowd recruiting can benefit your organization, check out InCruiter to crowdsource your recruitment needs today.

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