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What is Interview-as-a-Service?

interview as a service

Interview-as-a-service is the next-Gen interview platform to make the interview process smoother using sophisticated technologies. In simple words, it helps a business outsource its interview process to decades-long experienced industry-specific experts. These experts know all ins and outs of conducting the interviews and gauging the candidate’s skills more effectively. They won’t let you compromise with the quality of talent that would otherwise lead to immense productivity and revenue loss. Hence, companies prefer collaborating with an experienced interview outsourcing company to develop a quality team. 

This innovative technology has drastically changed the way employers conduct interviews. This write-up highlights the pain points of the interview as a service that business owners should know. Let’s get started with this blog: 

The Emergence of Interview-as-a-Service in the Market 

There was an immense lack of skilled and industry-specific interviewers to select the right fit for the company. Most of the time, however, the HR department would end up with bad hires. As a result, 80% of the businesses were not generating targeted revenues. Their interviewers were unfamiliar with the strategies to scrutinize the candidates more effectively. Accessing the candidates’ technical skills was the most challenging task for them. This gave birth to the “interview-as-a-service,” which proved to be a key to building a qualified business team. The platform embodies highly dedicated and skilled freelance interviewers who screen the candidates with utmost care & reduce the turnaround time-to-hire.

IaaS innovation is the new sophisticated way of interviewing candidates, or rather we can say it’s a new step in the hiring pipeline. The market size of IaaS will grow manifold in the coming. For this, you can go through our blog “How Big is the Interview-as-a-Service Market Size?”

Developing Quality & Efficient Team Made Possible with IaaS Platform

Tapping into the right fit is not child’s play, as it asks you to be experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled. Companies struggle to find the best candidates to meet their commitments in today’s highly competitive world. That’s why it’s indispensable for business owners to use the IaaS platform. 

Furthermore, the success of a business also relies on the quality of the employee you hire. A robust, efficient and skilled team delivers productive work, enabling companies to grow exponentially in the market. With the incorporation of the IaaS platform in your hiring process, all your sourced candidates will be scrutinized by expert interviewers as they help you make the final choice. This way, you will have suitable hires. 

Benefits of Interview-as-a-Service 

When an organization incorporates interview-as-a-service into its HR workflows, it will be entitled to have the following benefits: 

  1. Find the Perfect Fit Seamlessly:

The best interview outsourcing company helps you to find the perfect fit in the shortest possible time by accessing their technical skills effectively. Their pool of qualified interviewers knows how to check their critical thinking and problem-solving adroitness & make better decisions. 

  1. Specialization Hiring Made Possible: 

Hiring candidates for specialization is somewhere a hard nut to crack for any organization without having subject matter expert interviewers. However, IaaS can help you to get the right candidate with the help of subject-matter experience interviewers in a cost-effective manner. You can count on the IaaS to make the right hiring choice. 

  1. Virtual Automated Platform: 

In-person interview practices are dying, and the era of IaaS is famous in the market. It’s an automated virtual platform with in-built features that simplify your hiring process. Once you start conducting the interviews using this platform, you no longer need to adhere to the manual hiring workflows. Everything right from the managed job postings, candidate assessment reports, HD interview recordings, and more, become automated in one place.

  1. Exceptional Candidate Experience at Every Step: 

Candidates often share their experiences with others. As a result, a company with better or exceptional candidate experience can develop its brand reputation seamlessly. IaaS platform helps you interact with the candidates timely and provides them the real-time feedback reports so they can work on their weak areas. 

  1. More Emphasize on Significant Aspects: 

On delegating the interview tasks to the IaaS platform, your HR department can easily focus on the most prominent aspects of the business. As a result, productivity enhances & business operations improve to a greater extent. 

Want to Explore the Interview-as-a-Service? Schedule a Demo with InCruiter Today!!

InCruiter set its sights on developing new sophisticated technologies to change the landscape of the hiring process. They have also released the interview-as-a-service platform to scrutinize the adroitness and capabilities of a candidate. They have 2000+ expert interviewers on-boarded on one platform, enabling you to manage the entire interview process. You’ll have access to the candidate’s feedback reports and interview recordings. 

Besides this, an in-built live code compiler enables them to have real-time candidate screening on the screen to make the right choice. To explore their IaaS features, schedule a free demo with them right away!!


To summarize this blog, the fast-paced adoption of new HR technology is a prominent way to grow the business immensely. It’s high time to opt the advanced HR tech developments like the interview-as-a-service model in the hiring pipeline to create more business opportunities. Your HR team only needs to source the best candidates and give them access to the interviewers available on the IaaS platform to scrutinize them. If you don’t keep your business updated with the latest technologies, you will lose track of the next-Gen innovations, which is the key to reach greater heights. 


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