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Exit Interviews: The New Pathway to Employee Retention

Exit Interviews

In the current business scenario, employee retention is a bigger problem than ever. Businesses are concerned about employees leaving the organization and want to work on the root cause. Exit interviews which were just a mere formality, are the talk of the town now. With the changing corporate scenario, organizations are dwelling on exit interviews and want to know more.

Further, we will learn about the ABCs of exit interviews and why it is gaining popularity. From uncovering valuable feedback to identifying patterns and trends, exit interviews have the potential to revolutionize the way organizations approach talent management and employee engagement. Continue reading to know more. 

What are Exit Interviews?

In simple words, an exit interview is the final interview conducted with an employee when they are serving their notice period. These interviews serve as a means to gather feedback and insights from the employees leaving the organization. These interviews help to understand the problems faced by employees and know their genuine feedback so that it can be worked upon in the future.

By collecting authentic feedback from departing employees, companies can improve their workplace culture, management, work-life balance, and several other things that can be the reason for employees leaving the organization. This can further help in employee engagement and retention. 

Why are Exit Interviews Important?

An exit interview is essential to get insights and feedback from the employees leaving the organization. It helps the organization to understand the root cause of the issue and work on it for future employee engagement. With the evolving times, exit interviews have a response rate of 30-70% making it a hot topic. Let us scroll through some of the reasons that make exit interviews important:

  • Insights and Feedback: Exit interviews provide an opportunity for the organization to know honest feedback from the employees. Employees are often more candid during these interviews and share the actual reason why they are leaving. Organizations can use this feedback to understand trends better, identify areas for development, and make data-driven decisions that will increase employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Retention Data Analysis: Organizations can examine the factors influencing employee turnover by conducting exit interviews. This can solve recurring problems or patterns that negatively impact retention. Implementing strategies and projects to deal with those problems and raise staff retention rates can be done using the information provided.
  • Talent Management and Planning: Feedback and insights gained from exit interviews can enhance talent management strategies and succession planning. Organizations can determine skill gaps, training needs, and areas where employees may require additional support. The information provided can guide recruitment, training, and development initiatives to enable a seamless transition and the development of future leaders inside the organization.
  • Avoid Bad Hiring in Future: With the insights received from the exit interviews, organizations can work on those causes and avoid bad hiring in the future. It is a constant problem and has been covered in this article from Times of India.
  • Better Company Branding: Conducting exit interviews conveys a positive message that the organization cares about its employees. Feedback from the departing employees can lead to positive changes in the workplace environment, which results in positive branding. 

How to Gain Maximum Insights from Exit Interviews

Exit interviews should be a necessary part of an organization, and doing so can give you many positive insights. Keep scrolling to know more:

  • Exit interviews should be a necessary offboarding process and should be conducted with every employee departing from the organization.
  • Conduct such interviews when the employee is serving their notice period. It is unlikely that the employee will respond to the interview once they have left the organization.
  • Assure the employee that their feedback will be confidential and that immediate actions will be taken to improve things. 
  • A third-party representative should conduct exit interviews. Employees are more candid when a third party person connects with them, and honest feedback can be expected.
  • By using InCruiter’s InCExit service, you can gain maximum results from your exit interviews. Our psychological and behavioral experts help burn bridges and get honest feedback from the employee.

Questions to Ask in an Exit Interview

The questions you ask in an exit interview will decide whether the departing employee will share his honest feedback or not. You should be mindful of what and how you ask to get their genuine insights. Below, we have provided some important questions to ask in an exit interview.

Q1. How long did you serve your tenure in this company?

Q2. How accurate was the job role described to you at the time of hiring?

Q3. What led you to the decision of leaving the company?

Q4. How will you describe your overall experience at this company?

Q5. According to you, what were the best and worst parts of the company?

Q6. Did you feel supported by your manager?

Q7. What are you looking for in future opportunities?

Incruiter’s Exit Interview Service

Exit interview services provide a medium to get honest feedback and better insights about the employees departing from the company. With Incruiter’s InCExit service, you can get real-time  interview analysis and receive honest feedback from the departing employees. Below we have mentioned several other benefits that you can get with our InCExit service.

  1. Expert Interviewers: We have a team of promising psychologists and behavioral experts who conduct exit interviews and get valuable insights for the organization.
  1. Customizable Interviews: Based on the requirement of the organization, we customize the questions that need to be asked of the departing employees.
  1. Detailed Report: After the interview, our team provides a comprehensive report about the details of the interview, including insights, feedback, and actual reasons.
  1. Real-Time Analytics: We provide real-time analytics after every interview, which includes feedback, attrition reasons, employee morale, and workplace satisfaction. 
  1. Confidentiality: We ensure that all the information we receive is strictly confidential and shared only with the employer. 


Exit interviews are all the rage now, and for the right reasons. It provides valuable insights and enables employees to leave on a positive note. In today’s times, exit interviews are a necessity for any organization to improve its offboarding process and maintain a healthy workplace environment. For that, it is essential to have an exit interview platform like Incruiter’s InCExit that can streamline things for you and give valuable insights. We hope this information provides knowledge on exit interviews and why you should adapt it if not done yet. 

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