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Home » Interview-as-a-Service: Interview Techniques for Virtual Platforms

Interview-as-a-Service: Interview Techniques for Virtual Platforms

Interview-as-a-Service: Interview Techniques for Virtual Platforms

Hiring deserving candidates is nerve-wracking, but not with modern Interview-as-a-Service AI tech players. Since you have come a long way passing the pandemic era behind, you must be aware of revolutionizing interview techniques for virtual platforms. A boon to human resources departments, these tools have a lot of potential to save money, time, and resources for organizations. Invest in modern interview techniques and experience a rise in talented candidates for the job. 

From streamlining the entire interview procedure, scheduling interviews, and providing Technical Interview Panel, video interview software allows recruiters to focus on core tasks of the company instead of worrying about getting access and interviewing the right candidates. The following blog will cover some insights on how IaaS (interview-as-a-service) can help you in making the right hiring decisions. 

How does Interview-as-a-Service Help Companies? 

How does Interview as a Service help companies?

Interview-as-a-Service is a technology-driven solution that allows companies to conduct remote interviews using video interview platforms. It leverages numerous communication solutions, like collaboration and video conferencing software, to allow seamless applicant interactions. This modern approach has achieved momentous power in recent years due to its features to offer flexibility and reduce logistical and geographical challenges for both recruiters and candidates. 

Benefits of Interview-as-a-Service Solutions

Interview-as-a-Service has many benefits when it comes to easing the recruitment process. With the changing corporate pace, it has become essential to adapt to these changes so that the best talent can be hired. Let us have a look at some of these benefits of using interview-as-a-service

  1. Enhanced Efficiency 

IaaS eradicates the need for commuting and logistical arrangements, enabling candidates and recruiters to save their time and resources. It allows HRs to conduct interviews with applicants from across the globe, significantly increasing the talent pool and hastening the hiring procedure. 

2. Improved Evaluation 

Virtual interviews enable interviewers to observe the applicant’s body language, facial expressions, and non-verbal cues, offering valuable visions beyond what an outmoded interview method can offer. Further, interview scheduling software often has built-in assessment features that enable easy comparison and evaluation of applicants. 

3. Data-Driven Decisions

Interview-as-a-service allows hiring managers to make an informed decision. Our experienced interviewers evaluate every candidate objectively, and a thorough report is given to the companies. This data can be used by organizations to identify trends, assess the effectiveness of their hiring process, and make informed candidate selections. 

4. Cost-Saving

Adopting virtual interview solutions eliminates costs associated with the commute, venue rentals, and accommodations. With interview-as-a-service, companies can assign these resources to other essential aspects of the organization, improving their budget distribution.

Tips for Utilizing Interview-as-a-Service Effectively

Here are some tips that will help you to utilize the interview-as-a-service effectively for your business. 

Tips for using Interview as a Service

Test technical Setup

Ensure both applicants and recruiters have well-suited devices, required software installed, and a stable internet connection before the remote interview. Conduct test runs to acquaint applicants with virtual platforms and addresses any technical problems beforehand. 

Establish Clear Communication 

Set clear guidelines and expectations for the interview, including platform-precise etiquette, dress code, and time limits. Share this data with applicants in advance to make sure a good interview experience for all parties involved. 

Use Collaborative Solutions 

Take advantage of remote collaboration solutions during the interview procedure. These tools allow real-time interactive whiteboarding, document sharing, and note-taking, easing a comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s capabilities and skills. 

Create a Professional Environment 

Whether you’re a recruiter or candidate, a fine, well-lit, and quiet space to conduct remote interviews is a must. Remove interruptions and maintain a professional environment. Ensure that all the devices are working properly and you are in a secluded space to avoid any distractions.


In today’s hiring world, interview-as-a-service is turning into a necessity for recruiting top talent. It has made the HR tech world efficient and time-saving. This time can be utilized for other necessary developments and better productivity. Interview-as-a-service has transformed the modern-day recruitment process and made hiring easy and effective.

Q. Are virtual interviews as effective as in-person interviews?

Ans: Yes! Virtual interviews can be as effective as in-person interviews with the use of the right interview-as-a-service AI solutions. It provides with the required techniques to observe candidates’ capabilities, enhancing the evaluation procedure.

Q. What if technical problems arise during a remote interview?

Ans: Before conducting the virtual interview, it is important to run tests to identify and resolve issues. In the event of unexpected issues, have stoppage communication platforms, such as phone numbers or email addresses, to make sure unified connectivity.

Q. How can virtual interviews address concerns irrespective of cultural fit?

Ans: Virtual interviews through the right video interview platforms can measure cultural fit by evaluating applicants’ adaptability and communication styles and retort to scenario-based questions. 

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