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HirePro vs. InCruiter: Cracking the Code of Video Interview Software

HirePro v/s InCruiter - Cracking the Code

Have you heard that you can now take an interview from any place in the world, i.e., no need to go to the office? Yes, that’s true! It has become possible only because of Modern Interviewing Techniques such as Video Interview Software. You can now take an interview from any corner of the world with the help of video Interviewing. 

In a video interview, Candidates are asked some questions related to the job post they have applied for by the interviewer or a panel of interviewers on a live video call. And it is powered by AI, which can detect any interview fraud before it happens. 

After hearing that, now you must want to hire this service for your business. You can choose from the two most promising service providers include InCruiter and Hirepro.

InCruiter- A Leader In Video Interview Software 

InCruiter’s video interviewing platform InCVid which comes with an in-built ATS provides its clients with top-notch video interviewing service. 

InCruiter is trusted by more than 250 clients and has always received positive feedback. InCVid is the best video interviewing solution for firms looking to conduct technical as well as non-technical interviews with candidates.

Hirepro- Online video interview platform

Hirepro is another Video Interviewing Software that eases the interview process and reduces the hiring time. More than 100 clients trust it, and it has built a good reputation in the market. HirePro’s candidate screening capabilities make it a stand-out option in the market. 

Why do you need InCruiter, Hirepro, or similar recruitment tools?

Traditional interview methods are losing ground to video interview software and other ultra-modern tools for their ability of remote interviewing, where candidates and interviewers connect virtually.  The market size is growing at a CAGR of 13.90 %, expected to reach USD 708.93 million by 2030. So there must be some solid reasons for exponential growth. 

Reduces Hiring Time

If you don’t like to waste your precious time and efforts on an in-person interview, which nobody actually likes, then you need a video interviewing service. It reduces hiring time by scheduling interviews with many candidates simultaneously and ensuring the best candidates go for further rounds.


There’s no doubt that video interviewing is a cost-effective solution. When the candidates don’t need to come to your office, you don’t need to spend resources on an in-person interview.


Video Interviewing is a bias-free method as you hand this work into the hands of industry professionals. Candidates should be given more priority in the video interviewing process.

Better Interview Experience

You must provide a better interviewing experience to your candidates if you want to hire the best talent. Every company wants to hire top talent for their firm, so they are always in demand. If they have a bad interview experience, then maybe they won’t join your company.

High Conversion Rate

Video Interviewing increases the conversion rate of applicants into employees. Candidates find video interviewing more convenient and hassle-free.

Comparing InCruiter and HirePro on Key Points

There are numerous video interviewing platforms in the market, out of which InCruiter and Hirepro are the most prominent ones. Both InCruiter and Hirepro offer various useful features to their clients. 

InCruiter finds the best candidate for their clients based on their expertise and experience. On the other hand, Hirepro tries to find out the candidate for its clients as soon as possible. 

Comparison of key features

BasisInCruiter HirePro 
User Interface and Ease of useIncruiter excels in this, as it is known for its user-friendly interface.HirePro’s interface may be found difficult by some users.
Candidate sourcing and screening capabilities Incruiter offers outstanding candidate sourcing and screening capabilities.HirePro is known for its candidate screening capabilities and is equally placed with InCruiter.
Interview scheduling and managementIncruiter offers more efficient interview scheduling and management.HirePro also offers Interview scheduling and has great management but not as good as compared to InCruiter.
Integration with other HR systems or platformsInCruiter provides integration with other HR systems or platforms.HirePro also provides integration options with other HR systems or platforms.
Reporting and Analytics FeaturesIncruiter provides reporting and analytics features.HirePro reporting and analytics features are not as powerful as InCruiter.
Customization and Scalability OptionsIncruiter provides customization and Scalability options, but some users may find it difficult.HirePro provides customization and scalability options to some extent
Strengths and Weaknesses of InCruiter and HireProStrengths:  Candidate screening capabilities and  good-quality video interviewing.
Weaknesses: Intuitive user interface, no screen sharing, no screen mirroring.
Strengths:  Candidate screening capabilities and good-quality video interviewing.
Weaknesses: Intuitive user interface, no screen sharing, no screen mirroring.
User Feedback and RatingsIncruiter has always received positive feedback from its users and has excellent ratings.Hirepro was getting excellent reviews earlier, but recently, users have been given negative feedback.
Pricing and Cost Comparison InCruiter provides excellent video interviewing services at an affordable price.HirePro also provides video interviewing services at an affordable price, but some users may not find them value for money.

Which is best: InCruiter or HirePro?

There are many features that make InCruiter a better solution than HirePro. InCruiter’s easy-to-use interface, management, quick support, and affordability make it the best option for Video Interviewing Service
Moreover, every organization has different goals and objectives. One thing that is good for a company doesn’t mean it will be good for another as well. So, you must thoroughly understand your business’s requirements before choosing any Video Interviewing Software. And to find out the best tool, availing of free demo is a great business acumen. Talk to InCruiter representatives and schedule a demo today.

Q. What is Video Interviewing software?

Ans: Video interviewing software is the solution that aids businesses in conducting interviews remotely.

Q. Is Video Interviewing affordable?

Ans: Yes, video interviewing is affordable, and it costs you less than in-person interviews.

Q. Which is the best and most affordable Video Interviewing platform?

Ans: InCruiter is the best and most affordable Video Interviewing Platform available in the market.

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