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How AI Interviews Transform the Candidate Selection Process

How AI Interviews Transform the Candidate Selection Process

Gone are the days when manual hiring was all the rage. Now we have AI interviews, your new hiring assistant. If you belong to the human resources department, then adapting to AI interviewing is a must to survive.

AI isn’t here to replace you but to help you. According to a study by Gartner, 70% of HRs plan to invest in AI hiring tools in the next 2 years. The biggest thing PwC’s study found is that by 2030, AI could save the global economy by $15 trillion. If robots are this efficient, can’t they transform the candidate selection process? Sure, they do. Let’s find out how in the following blog. 

AI Interviews-The New Normal 

What are AI interviews?

AI interviews have become the new normal for talent acquisition departments, changing the way organizations identify, evaluate, and select talent. The integration of one-way interviews in recruitment not only streamlines the interview process but also provides a great candidate experience. 

One-way interview platforms allow candidates to record their interviews to pre-determined questions set by the recruiters at their own pace. Then AI algorithms evaluate the response, including body language, communication, and behavioral skills, enabling the recruiting team to make an informed decision. 

InCruiter’s AI interviews, for instance, provide an all-inclusive platform for conducting candidate evaluation, streamlining hiring procedures, and making it more insightful and efficient. 

How AI Interviews Transform the Candidate Selection Process

How AI Interviews Transform the Candidate Selection Process?

AI has become popular among recruiters and candidates for many reasons. Here’s how it can transform the candidate selection procedure: 

Faster Screening 

AI interview platforms significantly accelerate the screening procedure. Applicants can progress through initial evaluation swiftly, allowing them to reach the next steps of recruitment promptly. This benefits both employers and candidates, as it reduces the waiting period. 

Cheat-proof interviews 

AI interviews are developed to be cheat-proof. They look for any irregularities during the interview procedure, ensuring the applicants are assessed impartially and without receiving any external help. This helps in maintaining the evaluation integrity. 

Reduced interview Stress

The manual interview process can be nerve-wracking. One-way video interviews, on the other hand, offer a less daunting environment, enabling applicants to record their responses in a stress-free and comfortable setting, which can lead to more authentic answers. 

Flexibility and convenience

AI interviewing platforms provide applicants the flexibility to record their answers at their convenience. This eradicates the need to line up schedules for interviews, making it efficient and easier for both recruiters and candidates to manage their commitments and time. 

Improved turnover 

By identifying the best-fit applicants more precisely, AI interview platforms can help in tumbling employee turnover rates. When applicants are matched to a profile that aligns with their personality and skills, they’re more likely to thrive in their jobs, leading to a successful and longer tenure within the organization. 

Wrapping Up!

No doubt why recruiters are integrating AI interview tools into their core hiring tasks. These tools are developed to make the job of hiring managers easy and provide an excellent candidate experience. So, if you’re still thinking about whether AI interviews are beneficial for your firm or not, then the answer is yes! Do try it to streamline your interviews and offer a smooth candidate experience. 

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