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What Is An Interview Booking System?

What is an Interview Booking System?

As a recruiter, did you ever have to go back and forth due to scheduling conflicts? Wasted your crucial time just to face last-minute cancellations? Well, you are not alone. For almost 67% of hiring managers, it takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to schedule a single interview. So, what’s the solution? The answer lies within an interview booking system. 

In this article, we tell you everything there is to know about the interview booking system. Let’s dive in! 

Interview Booking System: What is it and How Does It Work?

As aforementioned, an interview booking system is a platform that makes job interviews a piece of cake for both recruiters and candidates. It simplifies the process by letting you input your availability, integrate with calendars, and automate communication. Here, you can set interview parameters, such as location and type, timings, etc. And then, your candidates choose suitable time slots. 

The system manages time zone differences and sends reminders so there are no cancellations or missed sessions. Usually, the interview booking system also integrates with other tools like applicant tracking systems to improve efficiency. 

Key Features Of The Interview Booking System 

Key Features Of The Interview Booking System 

What makes AI interviews irresistible for recruiters are its features. So, let’s unpack the top ones! 

Availability Management 

About 56% of companies have a dedicated person responsible for scheduling interviews. But that’s just a waste of your resources. With the scheduling system, you no longer have to worry about the time spent scheduling interviews. 

This system is usually easy to navigate, where candidates and employers can input and manage their availability preferences. It’s as simple. As a recruiter, you specify all the details, such as time slots and dates, and the candidate chooses the one that fits their needs. 

This feature ensures that the system aligns interview appointments with the participants’ schedules. So, no more scheduling conflicts!

Calendar Synchronization 

For most recruiters, almost 42% of their time is spent scheduling interviews. However, as a recruiter, there are other areas that require your attention. But technology is here to help. 

An interview booking system offers calendar synchronization. This feature integrates with popular calendar systems, such as Google Calendar and Outlook, ensuring real-time data.

By connecting with your existing calendars, the system prevents scheduling conflicts and provides instant updates if there are any changes or cancellations. This feature lets you fully focus on your work and not bother with manual scheduling tasks. 

Helps With Screening Questions 

Almost 49% of candidates left the recruitment process due to delays in scheduling and screening. However, when you choose the best interview booking system like InCruiter, you also have the feature to generate personalized screening questions with a robust AI tool. 

The tool analyzes the job description details, extracts key requirements, and generates customized questions that efficiently evaluate candidate suitability. 

This innovative approach not only saves time but ensures that your screening questions align precisely with the specific needs of each role. When the initial screening occurs swiftly, you easily narrow down the best candidates.

Automated Notifications 

Have you ever missed an interview? Maybe you were late to one as it somehow slipped your mind? All these hassles can be avoided with an interview booking system. 

It offers reminders to ensure punctuality, confirmations to solidify commitments, and timely notifications to prevent oversights. 

This also greatly reduces dropouts because the interview process goes on without any glitches or roadblocks and is conducted quickly. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on top talent. 


AI interviews help you stay on top. It offers comprehensive insights with its in-built analytics dashboard, providing a holistic view of your interview process. 

You can track key metrics such as total scheduled interviews, canceled, rejected, shortlisted, and on-hold interviews to give you an overview of the process. 

It helps you monitor interviews conducted by each panel on a weekly, daily, and monthly basis. This data-driven approach lets you make the best decisions and tweak your hiring process accordingly. 

The Final Word

Today, 62% of candidates would prefer an automated system to manage interviews because of the ease it offers. Having an interview-as-a-service to support you not only makes the best impression on candidates but also lets you hire the top candidate easily. This technological advancement also optimizes your hiring process, helping you stand out. However, make sure you choose the right platform that meets your requirements, like InCruiter! 

Are you ready to revolutionize your hiring process today?


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can we schedule an interview online?

Ans: Yes, with an interview booking system, you can do more than schedule an interview online. From calendar synchronization to automated notifications, it offers a plethora of advantages, making it easier for you and the candidate. 

Q. Are online interviews effective?

Ans: Today, almost 60% of employers are using video interviewing software because of the benefits it fetches you. And this number is only going to go up in the next year. So, to answer your question, online interviews can be great and make the whole process easier. 

Q. Which platform is best for an online interview?

Ans: Today, one of the best online interview platforms has to be InCruiter. From AI-driven features to other several advantages like collaboration tools, real-time feedback, and more, InCruiter helps you stand out and onboard the right candidate in no time.


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