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7 Tips to Choose the Right Technical Interview-as-a-Service Platform

7 Tips to Choose the Right Technical Interview as a Service Platform

Picture this. You have a vacant position for a technical role that needs to be filled immediately. But, you do not have a subject matter expert to evaluate the candidate’s skills. This is where a technical interview-as-a-service platform comes in. 

From offering expert panelists to conduct interviews to delivering valuable feedback to organizations, the interview as a service platform streamlines your hiring process, helping you easily hire the perfect candidate. While a technical video interview platform can be a boon, choosing the right one is the key, and we are here with seven tips to help you! 

Why Do You Need A Technical Interview-As-A-Service Platform?

While you can recruit a candidate in-house, it can be a time-consuming chore. On average, it takes companies 41 days to onboard a candidate. However, with video interview platforms, you can cut down this time. 

A robust interview-as-a-service platform can streamline the interview process, ensuring a fair and standardized evaluation of candidates. That’s not all. By offering a virtual environment for coding tests and technical assessments, it saves time and resources for both you and the candidates. 

Tips To Choose The Right Technical Interview-As-A-Service Platform 

Tips To Choose The Right Technical Interview-As-A-Service Platform 

Now you know why a technical interview-as-a-service platform can be crucial for your hiring process. So, let’s understand the top seven tips to choose the right one. 

Right Set of Technical Features 

What do you need to ensure the technical interview goes smoothly? Ask this question and list all the features before you look for a technical interview-as-a-service platform.

A few things must include a pool of expert interview panels, a live coding compiler, real-time feedback, etc. The robust capabilities make your interviews a piece of cake and can help reduce cost per hire by 20%. 

AI Capabilities

Today, it is all about AI. Almost 10% of companies have started using AI interviews, while 43% plan to implement them soon. This is because of the variety of advantages it brings you. 

From curating the perfect job description and analyzing coding skills to biased-fee feedback reports, AI can be an effective tool. It adds a sense of ease to the entire process and delivers the desired results almost instantly. 

Multiple Programming Languages Support

As a technical organization, you must choose a technical interview-as-a-service platform that offers multiple programming language support. 

This helps you with a broader assessment of candidates, accommodating various skill sets and coding preferences. It even enables you to conduct a more inclusive interview and evaluate candidates across various tech stacks. 

Dedicated Interviewers 

Choose a technical interview platform that offers dedicated panelists for roles for a personalized and effective assessment process. 

A platform with qualified interviewers can understand your company’s specific needs and customize evaluations aligned with your industry and technical requirements. These experts can provide valuable insights, thorough feedback, and a human touch to the assessment.


When choosing a technical interview-as-a-service provider, ensure they offer seamless integration with existing systems such as ATS (Applicant Tracking System), etc.

You don’t want multiple dashboards creating confusion among your team. Instead, you need a solution that easily aligns with your current recruitment systems. 

Customization and Flexibility 

You need a technical interview-as-a-service platform with customizable assessments to match your company’s specific tech stack, industry requirements, and job roles. 

Also, look for flexible platforms to accommodate changes in your interview process. These two factors improve the interviewing experience and provide a personalized approach that resonates with your organization’s goals.

Must Offer Positive Candidate Experience

Nearly 78% of candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive indicates how a company values its people. 

A positive candidate experience is imperative because it reflects well on your company’s employer brand and attracts top talent. So, look for a technical interview-as-a-service with features like real-time feedback and transparent communication to enhance candidate engagement and satisfaction.


Before making a final decision, always request demos, gather feedback from your technical team, and pilot the technical interview-as-a-service platform with a few interviews to evaluate its effectiveness in your hiring context. This makes it clear if the platform aligns with your needs or not. 

One platform that helps you stand out and onboard the perfect candidate is InCruiter. It redefines your interview process with 3000+ on-demand panelists and AI-driven tools!


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the technical interview approach?

Ans: In a technical interview, you assess a candidate’s problem-solving and coding skills. It typically involves solving coding challenges, and algorithmic problems, and discussing technical concepts. This is done to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Q. What is interview-as-a-service?

Ans: Interview-as-a-service is a comprehensive solution that takes care of the interview process. It offers a platform with standardized assessments, real-time collaboration, analytics, and more. 

Q. What is a technical screen interview?

Ans: A technical screen interview is an initial assessment focusing on a candidate’s technical capabilities. Conducted early in the hiring process, it helps filter candidates based on their coding skills, problem-solving ability, and technical knowledge. 


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