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Attract Clients: Top Recruitment Agencies for Your Staffing Firm

How Incruiter Helps Recruiters in Finding the Clients?

How Incruiter Helps Recruiters in Finding the Clients?

New and retained clients are essential for the survival of any recruitment agency or freelance recruitment consultants. Finding new clients and new ways to serve the clients should top your priority list. At the initial stage of the recruitment business, there are many recruitment agencies who like to grow their business or start up a new recruitment agency but the biggest mishap is getting clients. In the starting period, this problem happens a lot maybe due to lack of awareness levels among the recruitment agencies or as recruiters often fail to notice the relevant points in seeking clients regularly. This lack of ability and inadequate k knowledge contributes to the decline or sometimes failure of their business.

In order to sustain your business, getting regular clients and maintaining repeat clients is as important. Frequently, placement agencies and staffing companies ask themselves, that “how to find more clients?” and the known fact is any business or staffing companies will not survive long without a regular or minimum supply of new clients.

Outreach through different modes like advertising can be time-consuming as well as needs a lot of investment. In an ideal world, the clients will approach placement agencies to fulfill their recruitment needs. But with the present globally interconnected marketplace and tough competition, that is unlikely to happen in most cases.

The staffing firms can, however, improve their own outreach by using a better approach and streamline their business with the help of Incruiter services. We are one of the top recruitment agencies and a fully automated online platform for multiple placement agencies and freelance recruiters. Well-known as specialized IT and Non-IT recruiters. At this marketplace, you can find hundreds of freelance recruiters who are serving various staffing requirements of Employers and also providing human resources for various organizations that are signed up with us.

Incruiter technology platform allows your business to post job profiles, select candidates from a pool of independent recruiters and recruitment agencies. Here at Incruiter, hundreds of employers, enterprises join to hire top and qualified talent from renowned staffing companies. Here recruiters have a great scope to find numerous clients and give their service. By finding new clients who are well-suited for your organization’s focus and finding new ways to offer value for existing clients, the placement agencies can increase their reach of clients served portfolio, and increase the overall stature of the clients you serve.

Whether you run a large agency or an independent recruiter, focused on finding new clients who are especially suited for your agency’s focus. Or else, reputed clients who have a good level of stature in their respective industry, who can contract you repeatedly will be definitely contributing to your long term success.

This way you can present new hire performance, faster time to fill, and higher client satisfaction metrics for your clients, further increase to take place in the list of top recruitment agencies. Overall, you can improve your ability to sign up with new clients and also your number of inbound leads.

This article will give you ideas to find new clients and give you answers to the common questions that are mostly asked by the clients:

How do recruiters find clients?

How to get clients for staffing companies?

How to find clients for a recruitment consultancy?

How do Staffing Companies get Clients?

There is no magic bullet to find clients, but there are limitless strategies that you can employ to find more business for your agency.

For a client to feel confident about your agency while contracting, then there are few things clients should know:

  • That your recruitment agency has the expertise, technology. Resources, and track record of delivering high quality and professional hire that they can’t source themselves.
  • Whether the assigned recruiters are highly qualified for the employee/candidate search.
  • They check that the recruitment consultants would deliver the requested hire within the required time.
  • Check that you are reputed and recommended highly in your industry.

However, a potential client signs up with you by considering all the above aspects. Most of the clients check for these and will feel confident in contacting you, not just reasonably comfortable.

If a client was impressed with your recruitment services backed up with great results then they will be more likely to recommend you, contract the staffing agency or either freelance recruitment consultants once again. clients will assist you with the case studies, agree to provide written or video testimonials that can increase your business brand and reach.

Get your placement agency on a retainer basis for executive coaching, recruiting, and other services. So what is the best way to get more clients for top recruitment agencies is playing with your strength and it is the most efficient and successful way.

How to find & approach Clients for Recruitment?

The one way of getting clients is by advertising and reaching to clients through various platforms like placing job profiles in some business listings, digital job-posting platforms… and taking the help of social media, usage of referrals and there are various strategies for this. Without following all these we can get various clients by enrolling yourself as a recruiter in Incruiter.

Incruiter provides a unique platform to the most experienced and committed professionals to use their expertise and skills and join us as freelance recruitment consultants or recruiting firms. All are aspired to empower the industry by recruiting the best skilled and talented human resources in various domains for different organizations. As a recruiter, we enable access to endless clients with various jobs to work full time. At our JTS ( job tracking platform), you can schedule interviews online, and stay updated with the job status and check for the candidate progress remotely. 

Leveraging the power of the digital revolution to make the recruiting process faster and smarter. Our best-in-class services include filtering out the eligible and qualified employees through crowdsource recruitment and we also provide expert interview panel freelance interview services.

  • No documentation required to work with the employers
  • Work hassle-free and get multiple and genuine clients from various industries.
  • Get paid on the successful hiring of your candidates.


  • Save your budget on marketing and client reach
  • Double year earning
  • A dedicated platform to track bulk applications
  • Get paid online
  • Access to 100s of job postings

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