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How Does InCruiter Online Interview Platform Crack Impersonation?

How Does The InCruiter Online Interview Platform Crack Impersonation?

As more and more businesses switch to video interview platforms, impersonation has become a big problem. What if you later realize that the interviewed person and joined person are not the same? It can derail all the benefits you expect by choosing the digital mode of interviews. This is problematic, right? As per the Economic Times, impersonation is on the rise. So what can you do? Choose InCruiter Online Interview Platform.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how this platform tackles the problem of impersonation. Before we get into that, let us have a look at some other details. 

How Do Candidates Try To Impersonate In An Interview?

There are several methods for impersonation attempts by candidates in the recruitment process. Awareness of these tactics is essential to prevent and detect impersonation using video interview platforms

  1. Candidates hire someone else to take the interview on their behalf. This person may possess the necessary qualifications and skills but is different from the actual candidate.
  1. Candidates try to submit fraudulent documents. They also provide false information during the application or interview process. This can include using fake names, addresses, educational qualifications, or work experience.
  1. Candidates may attempt to use cheat sheets or hidden notes during video interviews. They try to get help from scripted answers or reference information without the interviewer’s knowledge.
  1. Candidates try to use pre-recorded video interviews to impersonate themselves, while you use Interview as a Service. That means someone takes the interview on their behalf. 
  1. Candidates may falsely claim certifications, degrees, or achievements. They use fake certificates or claim affiliation with institutions they have never been associated with.
  1. Candidates may create multiple online identities. Candidates may also alter their online profiles to be more qualified or experienced.
  1. Candidates may collude with individuals who are handling staffing services. These insiders may provide unfair advantages, such as leaked interview questions or manipulated evaluations.

How InCruiter Helps In Tackling Impersonation?

Impersonation is an all time problem with virtual interviews but not anymore. Incruiter’s video interview software provides AI driven technology that helps to tackle impersonation. Let us understand how do we do that.

Proper Identity Verification

Before conducting a video interview, you can securely verify the candidate’s identity. This can involve requesting official identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s license, and comparing them to the candidate’s appearance during the interview.

Live Video Interviews

It is hard to impersonate when you’re using live video interview platforms. As opposed to pre-recorded interviews, live interviews allow for real-time interaction. It makes it easy to detect any signs of impersonation. Interviews can notice delays in responses or unusual behavior.

Precaution is always better than cure. Make sure the interview team is well aware of this menace. You may create a checklist for them to follow. 

Easy Document Validation Process

InCruiter allows candidates to hold up their identification documents to the camera during the interview. This allows the interviewer to visually compare the document with the candidate’s appearance, verifying their identity.

Have a system to verify and reverify whatever documents are submitted by the candidates. No longer rely only on photocopies. Before handing over the joining letter, ask the candidates to bring education, residential, and identity certificates in original verification.

Way To Warn Candidates Before Interview

When you publish job desperation or send an email through InCruiter- interview scheduling tool to candidates, make sure to warn against impersonation. Educate the candidates about the dire consequence of doing that, from banning them from appearing in further interviews to reporting the case to law enforcement authorities. 

This will deter those sitting on the fences and thinking about choosing this way of getting a job.

Have Multiple Checkpoints

The interview is no longer direct traditionally. There are multiple layers, such as job portals, recruitment agencies, Interviews as a Service provider, and more. 

Let all the stakeholders be involved in the problem of impersonation. If you’re interviewing someone coming through references, make sure the person referring is well aware of the person.

Proper Social Media Crosscheck

Should you choose a candidate who does not have any social media accounts? The answer is both Yes and No. It depends on the job profiles. So if you’re hiring a software engineer, and the candidate is reluctant to share their social media handles, it’s a red flag. 

Once you have the social media accounts, do the cross-check. It’s an excellent way to stop impersonation. InCruiter makes the whole staffing services smooth and integrated. So you can verify and reverify information as and when needed. 

Integration To Advanced Technologies

You may go for fingerprints, eye scans, and other advanced ways of identification. Sometimes, when the candidates know they must submit their fingerprints, it deters them from impersonation. 

InCruter is easy to integrate with other software for proper identity verification. 

Way To Do Screen Sharing

Interviewers may request candidates to share their screens during the interview. This enables the interviewer to verify that the candidate is using their computer and not relying on someone else to provide answers or assistance.

Interview Recording 

Interview recordings play a crucial role in mitigating impersonation attempts during the process. By recording the entire interview session on InCruiter, you create an accurate and verifiable record of the candidate and interviewer interaction. 

It helps in evidence, verification, comparison analysis, collaborative evaluation, background checks, training, and dispute resolution. 

Secure Online Interview Platform

Secure Interview as a Service offers encryption and robust security features. InCrutier software regularly updates to address vulnerabilities and follow best practices for securing online meetings.


When interviewing candidates, it’s vital to ensure that they are who they say they are. Impersonation is a significant issue for interviewers, mainly when using video interview platforms. However, when you use InCruiter, you can handle impersonating as the robust infrastructure and advanced features help you in multiple ways. You can visit InCruiter to book yourself a demo.


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  1. I would like to give the Video Interviews to my candidates through hacker rank platform and I dont want any person to sit and monitor the same. Please do let me know if the platform allows that.

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