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Streamline your Hiring Process with Video Interview Software

Streamline your hiring process with Incruiter's Video interview software

As the world is becoming more technology-oriented, virtual interviews have risen immensely and so is the need for video interview software. With the number of hirings every day, recruiters face many issues when it comes to physical interviews, and that’s when virtual interviews come into play. Virtual interviews are all the rage now, and for smooth conduction of these interviews, you require smooth video interview software incorporated with your ATS (applicant tracking system). 

It is common to use platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, but they are not very reliable when it comes to conducting hundreds of virtual interviews in a more structured manner. This is where video interview software plays its part, and it not only makes the entire interview process smoother but also streamlines your hiring system. Let us briefly understand the relevance of video interview software.

What is Video Interview Software?

Video interview software is a tool specifically designed for recruiters. This new-age platform is specially designed to make the hiring process smooth and hassle-free. Along with video conferencing, a video interview tool has features to submit feedback, take notes, record interviews, calendar invite, inbuilt code compilers etc. 

By using these platforms, recruiters can make the interview process more efficient and hassle-free. Using such tools can also be beneficial in recognising proxy interviews with its AI technology that helps improve the quality of the hiring process. With its user-friendly approach, these softwares can be attached to any ATS, giving you a better interview experience. 

Benefits of using a Video Interview Software

Using a video interview tool for hiring can vastly reduce time and energy. Research has proven that there has been a 67% increase in the use of video interview software from 2021. One of the prominent reasons for this rise is the number of benefits these online video interview platforms provide. Let us read some of these benefits. 

  • Connect with Candidates Globally: In this new era, you don’t have to limit yourself to hiring talent locally. By using online interview platforms, you can connect with candidates globally and hire suitable candidates for your company. 
  • Reduce Hiring Time: By using video interviewing softwares, you can reduce the time spent on hiring. Such tools make it easier to take follow-up calls and schedule interviews. Using them helps to save a lot of time and make things convenient for recruiters.
  • Reduce Costs: Using video interview softwares can help reduce hiring costs. Video interviews cost about nothing and give you better results. From travel, accommodation, logistics, beverages, etc., you can save a lot of money and have an effective interview experience. 
  • Smoother Candidate Screening: With the help of video interviewing software, you can save a lot of time on candidate screening by going through the interview feedback and having a smoother candidate screening process. 
  • Easy Interview Scheduling: Interview scheduling is the most challenging part of the recruitment process. With the help of these online interview platforms, you can easily schedule your interviews and set follow-up interviews hassle-free. 
  • AI Powered Proctoring: One of the biggest problems of virtual interviews are proxy interviews. With our AI-powered proctoring feature, you can easily tackle that. With the help of these tools, impersonation during virtual interviews can be prevented and genuine candidates can be recruited.
  • Live Code Compiler: With our unique live code compiler feature, you can conduct practical interviews as well and check the candidate’s technical skills. When integrated in the video platform, it makes the interview process smooth and easy.
  • Panel Management: Panel management is a great feature to have in video interview software. Having an expert panel to take interviews is necessary, and services like Incruiter’s video interview software provide an experienced panel to conduct interviews and shortlist qualified candidates. 
  • Auto Reminder: This tool enables interviewers and candidates to easily accept, reject, or seek a reschedule with a single click. Interviewers and candidates will receive automated Whats App messages and an automated IVR call for all booked interviews.

How to Choose the Right Video Interview Software 

Online video interview platform is a great way to streamline your recruitment process by saving time and money and having a smooth recruiting experience. Finding the software that suits your requirement can be tiresome, with so many options available in the market. 

Given below are several factors to consider while choosing the right video interview software:

  • Features and Functionality: Ensure the software has all the features and functionalities based on your requirements. Take into account features like scheduling interviews, live video interviews, recording choices, collaboration tools, online code compilers, screening questions, feedback system and connectivity with other HR systems.
  • User Interface: Check the user interface before going for a video interview tool. Prefer a user-friendly interface that the interviewer and the candidate can easily access.
  • Compatibility with Other Devices: Ensure that the software works with your staff and candidates’ devices and operating systems. Take into account integration capabilities with other programs or platforms you now employ, such as HR management systems (HRMS) or applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  • AI Features: Make sure that the online video platform that you chose should have AI features like AI-powered proctoring, which will prevent proxy interviews and help in recruiting genuine candidates. 
  • Privacy Policy: It’s crucial to safeguard private candidate data. Make sure the software has strong security features, including data encryption, safe login, and adherence to applicable privacy laws (like GDPR). Check the software’s ability to let you manage access rights and permissions as well.
  • Pricing Point: Consider your spending budget and the software’s pricing structure. Some software alternatives scale their pricing on the number of users or interviews they generate. Ensure the software is expandable and meets your future hiring and growth demands.

Here are a few benefits offered by InCruiter

Incruiter offers several benefits that will change your recruiting system and make it efficient. Let us have a look at a few of those benefits: 

  • Live Code Compiler & Interactive Design Test
  • Access to 3000+ Expert Interviewers
  • Interview services in 250+ Technologies
  • Call and WhatsApp Auto reminders for scheduled interviews
  • White-labeled Feedback Reports
  • Interview Video Recordings
  • AI-Powered Proctoring
  • 24*7 Interview Support

Wrapping Up

With the technology-driven era, switching to video interviewing platforms is the need of the hour. It is an important feature that companies should implement to make their recruitment process efficient. By saving time and money, maximizing productivity, and removing geographical barrier, video interview software can help recruitment enterprises enter a whole new world. 


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