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The Rise Of On-Demand Interviews- All You Need To Know

On Demand Interviews

Do you often feel you need more flexibility in the interviewing process? If yes, on-demand interviews are the answer. On-demand interviews are a modern recruiting technique that offers numerous advantages. 

Many companies are embracing it fast for a wide range of benefits. Media is also covering the emerging trends in hiring, such as Interview as a Service, video interviews, On-demand interviews, and more. Read this article in The Times Of India, for instance. This article will delve deep into everything you must understand about on-demand interviews.

What Is an On-Demand Interview?

An on-demand interview is a type of job interview that is conducted using pre-recorded video questions, which the candidate needs to answer. The candidate is typically given a set of questions to answer and a specific amount of time to respond. 

Employers frequently utilize video interview methods in the first phases of the hiring process to swiftly test candidates’ skills, knowledge, and competencies while conserving time and resources.

Why Should Recruiting Teams Prefer On-Demand Interviews?

Hiring managers and recruiters are constantly looking for ways to optimize their recruitment workflows, and on-demand interviews have emerged as a powerful tool for attracting and assessing candidates. Here are some benefits of using this:

Flexibility And Time-Saving

One of the significant advantages of on-demand interviews is that they offer flexibility to both the manager and the candidates. The candidate can record the interview at any time, which is convenient for the candidate, especially if someone is working or studying full-time. 

Similarly, the hiring manager can watch the video at their convenience instead of scheduling and conducting live interviews. Eliminating the need for scheduling and coordinating efforts saves time and effort.

Consistency In The Hiring Process

In traditional interviews, candidates’ responses can vary based on the interviewer’s mood, level of interest, or interpretation of the job requirements. 

However, this type of Interview through video interview software to craft a consistently structured interview that ensures candidates answer the same questions effectively each time. This creates a standardized process, enabling fairness across all candidates and creating less bias in the hiring process.

Better Assessment of Candidates

With on-demand interviews, hiring managers have a better chance to assess candidates fairly, as the recorded video responses can be reviewed multiple times. Recruiters can examine how well the candidate answers the specific questions during playback to ensure they cover all aspects they seek. 

This way, the recruiter gets an insight into the candidate’s thought process, communication skills, and ability to articulate their thoughts clearly and concisely. Here, Incruiter comes into play. It is one of the best among other Interview as a service company and can help organizations streamline their hiring process by giving significant results. 

Reduced Interview Bias

Reducing unconscious bias has been a significant issue for recruiters trying to build a more diverse workforce. On-demand interviews reduce the impact of interviewer bias by differentiating between extraneous factors unrelated to the candidate’s suitability for the role. Factors like verbal nervousness, pre-interview tension, race, or gender bias can be cast aside, and recruiters can focus on answering predetermined questions. 

Cost Savings

In-person interviews can often be costly due to travel, lodging, venue hire, or other expenses related to the interview process, primarily if a candidate resides in another location. These costs are reduced or eliminated with on-demand interviews, saving organizations money. If you want to know more about cost savings through on-demand interviews, talk to InCruiter– video interview software experts.

How Does Video Interview Software Benefit Applicants?

From the applicant’s perspective and the job seeker’s viewpoint, there are also some advantages to on-demand interviews. Given below, you can find some benefits of video interview software for applicants:

Greater Convenience

On-demand interviews offer greater flexibility as candidates can finish the Interview at their own pace without working around schedules. They can also decide where to do the Interview.

Enhanced Preparation

Unlike traditional face-to-face interviews, candidates have greater control over the outcome of the on-demand Interview, allowing them to prepare and research before answering the questions. 

Eliminates Anxiety

For some candidates, the on-demand Interview removes the added tension that in-person interviews may bring.

Shorter Hiring Process

Due to the employer’s ability to screen numerous candidates similarly and simultaneously, the hiring process may be shorter with on-demand interviews. Here are some essential things to remember when participating in an on-demand interview.

  • Keep the camera and microphone on while recording. 
  • Dress similarly to how you’d dress for an in-person interview.
  • Keep your thoughts lucid and arranged properly when answering each question. 
  • Ensure that any technological glitches, such as password issues or browser requirements, are resolved before recording the video. 

Final Word

On-demand interviews are a modern recruiting method for job-seekers and employers alike. They provide numerous advantages to employers and job seekers, allowing them to save time and effort during the hiring process. 

On-demand interviewing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s likely to continue growing in popularity as technology improves and more businesses adopt virtual hiring methods. As a business, you can take the lead by availing its benefits before your competitors. Talk to InCruiter-Interview as a Service and learn how it works. 


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