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Interview as a Service: Unlocking the Potential to Hire a Techie in Just 2 Days!

Are you tired of sorting and conducting interviews of hundreds of job applications for weeks or months, searching for the perfect tech candidate for your organization? The hiring process can be overwhelming, especially when you need highly skilled individuals in the current world of technology. But fear not! InCruiter‘s Interview as a Service is here to save the day.

For a single job posting, you have to conduct interviews with hundreds of candidates, which will take weeks. That’s where Interview as a Service comes into play. Our expert panel of over 3000+ interviewers will conduct interviews within 6 hours and saving a significant amount of time. Let us look at why you need Interview-as-a-Service.

InCruiter‘s Interview as a Service is a revolutionary solution developed to enhance and expedite your hiring process, specifically for finding highly skilled technology professionals. This service offers a range of key features that can significantly transform your hiring experience and help you find the perfect fit for your team within a remarkably short timeframe of just two days. Let’s delve into these features and understand how they make this service a game changer:

Features of Interview as a Service

Access to a Network of Expert Interviewers

InCruiter provides you with a pool of over 3000+ experienced interviewers who specialize in various technologies. These experts understand the nuances of the roles you’re hiring for and can accurately assess candidates’ skills, ensuring you find the perfect talent for your organization.

AI-Powered Match

InCruiter leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to automatically match job descriptions with candidate resumes. This feature saves you time by narrowing down the applicant pool to those who closely align with your requirements, significantly increasing your chances of finding the perfect fit.

Experts in 250+ Technologies

Whatever job role you’re looking to fill, InCruiter has you covered. We provide interviewing services for over 250+ technologies, including cloud computing, data science, front-end development, and cybersecurity. Our expert interviewers can locate the best candidate for the job because they are knowledgeable about the most in-demand tech abilities.

Ecstatic Video Interview Platform with ATS Integration

InCruiter provides a state-of-the-art video interview platform seamlessly integrated with an applicant tracking system (ATS). Conducting remote interviews has never been easier, allowing you to connect with candidates from anywhere in the world and streamline your hiring process.

Live Coding Compiler & Interactive Design Test

Technical assessments are crucial for evaluating a candidate’s coding abilities and design skills. InCruiter’s platform includes a live coding compiler and an interactive design test, enabling you to assess candidates’ practical knowledge in real-time.

Call and WhatsApp Auto Reminders

InCruiter understands the importance of timely communication during the hiring process. Their system automatically sends call and WhatsApp reminders to candidates, ensuring they are well-prepared for their interviews and reducing the chances of no-shows.

White-Labeled Feedback Reports & Interview Recordings

After each interview, InCruiter provides detailed feedback reports and video recordings. This comprehensive documentation allows you to revisit the interviews, review candidates’ performance, and make informed decisions when shortlisting candidates for the final interview round.

24/7 Interview Support

InCruiter’s dedicated support staff is available round the clock for your assistance to guide you throughout the interview process. Whether you have questions, encounter technical issues, or need guidance, their team is there to provide timely assistance and ensure a smooth experience.

The hiring process is made simpler and more efficient from beginning to end with InCruiter’s Interview as a Service. It eliminates the need to spend substantial time and money on applicant selection, evaluation, and interviews. You can concentrate on other aspects of your business while it handles the full procedure.

Benefits of Interview as a Service

Expert Interviewers

The service provides access to a pool of expert interviewers who are well-versed in assessing technical skills and evaluating candidates. These interviewers have a deep understanding of the technology industry and can effectively identify top-notch techies with the required expertise and qualifications.

Customized Interviews

InCruiter’s Interview-as-a-Service tailors the interview process to match your specific requirements. The service takes into account your job description, desired skill set, and company culture to curate customized interview questions and assessments. This helps in evaluating candidates based on the criteria that matter most to your organization.

Speed and Efficiency

The service’s main goal is to help you find the ideal candidate quickly and efficiently. By leveraging their expertise and resources, InCruiter’s Interview as a Service expedites the entire hiring process. Within just two days, you can expect to receive a shortlist of highly qualified tech professionals ready to join your team.

Comprehensive Evaluation

InCruiter’s Interview as a Service is beyond screening resumes or conducting basic interviews. The service provides a complete examination procedure to analyze candidates’ technical talents, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and cultural fit. This ensures that you identify not only the ideal candidate with the necessary technical competence but also individuals who will thrive within your team and contribute positively to your organization.

Reduced Hiring Bias

The service aims to minimize unconscious bias in the hiring process. By utilizing a team of expert interviewers, the service ensures that candidates are evaluated solely based on their skills and qualifications. This helps promote diversity and inclusivity in your hiring decisions.

Time and Cost Savings

InCruiter’s Interview as a Service ultimately saves you valuable time and resources. By outsourcing the interview process, you can allocate your resources more effectively and focus on core business activities. Additionally, the quick turnaround time of 2 days significantly reduces the time-to-hire, allowing you to onboard new talent swiftly and keep your operations running smoothly

InCruiter’s Interview as a Service eliminates the hassle of hiring tech professionals. By leveraging their vast network of expert interviewers, cutting-edge technology, and streamlined processes, you can significantly lessen the time and effort spent on finding the right candidates. With quick scheduling, detailed feedback reports, and access to a range of specialized tools, you can make informed hiring decisions within just two days.

Don’t let the lengthy hiring process hold you back. Embrace the power of Interview as a Service and revolutionize how you hire techies. Let InCruiter be your trusted partner in efficiently and effectively finding top talent. Get started today and experience the difference it makes by scheduling a call with us.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is Interview as a service?

Ans. Outsourcing your first few rounds of in-depth technical interviews to industry experts. These experts will thoroughly screen a candidate’s technical and interpersonal skills to ensure that your in-house hiring team only deals with a small subset of highly qualified job seekers meeting your technical requirements.

Q. Does InCruiter provide Interview as a service in the USA?

Ans: Yes, InCruiter provides Interview as a service in the USA.

Q. How many interviewers are there on InCruiter?

Ans: There are 3000+ interviewers on InCruiter that are experts in their domain.


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