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Calendly v/s InCFeed: The Best Interview Scheduling Software

IncFeed v/s Calendly

The recruitment industry is constantly evolving with technological advancements. Today, almost 51% of recruiters rely on interview scheduling software to simplify the process. Online interview scheduling tools not only ensure hassle-free scheduling but also provide valuable features to smoothen the process, like candidate tracking, live candidate evaluation, and more.

However, choosing the right platform is the key. It is essential to consider factors such as user-friendliness, integration capabilities, and customer support. Embracing interview scheduling software can give you a competitive edge while streamlining the hiring process. But we have your back. To ensure you stay ahead of the curve, we are here to talk about Calendly vs InCFeed to see which one wins the race. Read ahead to know more!

Things To Check Before Opting For Interview Scheduling Software

Things to check before opting for Interview scheduling software

Before we unpack everything you must know about the interview management system, we talk about all the factors you must consider before choosing the right interview scheduling software.

User-Friendly Interface

Next, see if the platform is intuitive and easy to navigate because it minimizes learning curves and elevates user experience. You don’t want a system that’s complicated for either the HR team or your candidates. 

Compatibility and Integration

It is vital to ensure a smooth integration of your newly purchased interview management software with existing tools and systems in your recruitment process. Avoid any potential hang-ups and ensure seamless functionality for an efficient hiring experience.

Scheduling Options and Flexibility

Select an interview-as-a-service platform that provides essential tools beyond just scheduling options. Look for features such as AI-powered services and real-time feedback for effortless hiring. These additional functionalities come in handy and take the interview process to the next level, making it more efficient. This helps you hire top talent. 

Candidate Mapping with Panel Slot

Choose a video interview platform that provides a seamless mapping of candidates to available interview slots. This leads to an efficient and hassle-free scheduling system and erases the need for you to do it manually. Therefore, this feature simplifies the process while saving time and effort for both your team and candidates.

Reporting and Analytics

We live in a data-driven world, and failing to leverage the available data is a missed opportunity. Opt for a video interview platform that provides access to valuable insights and performance metrics. These data-driven analytics lead to informed hiring decisions, helping you onboard the right candidate.

Security and Data Privacy

Don’t neglect security and data privacy when choosing a platform. Verify that the interview scheduling software follows strict security protocols to safeguard any sensitive candidate information. Look for robust data protection measures so you can build trust with candidates.

Scalability and Performance

Invest in scalable interview scheduling software that can effortlessly accommodate your organization’s growth without compromising performance. Go for a platform that can easily scale up with your needs while ensuring a seamless hiring process, regardless of how rapidly your recruitment demands evolve.

Trial and Free Demo

Today, with the market being so competitive, even the top companies offer trials and free demos. So, take advantage of these trial periods or free demos to evaluate the software’s suitability and functionality. Use it and actually see if it is making a difference. 

Customer Support

We have all experienced the frustration of being put on hold for extended periods in customer service. To avoid this with your interview scheduling software, prioritize reliable and responsive customer support. Having quick access to assistance for any technical issues or questions is crucial for a smooth and efficient recruitment process.

Feature Comparison: Calendly vs InCFeed

Feature comparison of Calendly vs IncFeed

When it comes to interview scheduling software, both InCFeed and Calendly take the lead with their user-friendly interfaces and the variety of advantages they bring forth. These platforms offer a seamless experience, making them top choices for optimizing the interview process and enhancing recruitment efficiency.

InCruiter’s InCFeed is a platform designed to provide you with the ultimate solution to make the recruitment process effortless. From a free applicant tracking system to AI-powered tools, it can help you schedule interviews, track the status, provide live assessments, and so much more. With InCFeed, you can also avail a Chrome extension that enables interviewers to provide feedback on candidates directly within the tool. It also easily integrates with your other calendars so you can manage your HR tasks from a single interface. 

Coming to Calendly, it helps automate your scheduling to eliminate the need for manual work where you must go back and forth for the interview. Here, you can create an event, schedule meetings, and even send automated notifications. To understand the differences between Calendly vs InCFeed interview scheduling software in detail, take a look at the below table. 

Candidate Tracking
Calendar Invite
Auto JD to CV MatchX
Advance Analytics
AI-Powered JDX
Live Candidate EvaluationX
Panel Management
White-Labeled Feedback ReportX
Map Candidate Slot With Panel


When choosing the interview scheduling software, both InCFeed and Calendly offer compelling solutions with their user-friendly interfaces and a variety of tools. However, InCFeed shines because it is more than just scheduling software. It comes with AI-powered tools, live assessments, and a wide range of additional services, making it a standout choice to streamline the recruitment process to onboard top talent.



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