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A Guide to Interview-as-a-Service | Pros & Cons

A Guide to Interview-as-a-Service | Pros & Cons

Onboarding the right candidate is the foundation of a successful organization. But recruitment is more complex than sifting through resumes and picking one candidate. How can you curb the time taken while making the process seamless? The answer is simple. Go with a robust interview-as-a-service platform and enjoy the variety of benefits they offer.

From a panel of experts to real-time feedback, interviewing outsourcing may be just what you need to amplify your hiring process. But is this the right choice for you? Fret not. We have your back. To ensure you make the right decision, aligning with your company’s needs, we bring you a comprehensive guide to interview-as-a-service with complete pros and cons. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Understanding Interview-as-a-Service 

Imagine you are craving a chocolate pastry that’s fluffy and perfectly gooey. But whipping one yourself is complicated and time-consuming. But there is a famous bakery near your place, and they sell the most amazing chocolate pastries, just the way you like. What would you do? Most probably buy one from the baker! 

Now, replace the baker with an interview-as-a-service provider and the chocolate pastry with your hiring process. Interview-as-a-service is a modern hiring solution that uses technology and expertise to make interviews seamless. They bring you a wide range of advantages, like AI interviews, and help you utilize your resources the right way. 

Pros of Interview-as-a-Service

Pros and Cons of Interview-as-a-Service

On average, it takes about 41 days to fill a position. What if we tell you that you can reduce this time in half using interview-as-a-service. Let’s unpack the main advantages an interview-as-a-service provider could fetch you. 

Access to Expertise

When you hire the best interview-as-a-service provider, they usually come with a team of skilled interviewers. They specialize in various industries and job roles, which can be exceptionally beneficial for you. You can use their expertise to ensure that candidates are thoroughly evaluated and reduce the risk of hiring mistakes.

Hiring Without Any Bias 

Did you know? 48% of HR managers admit bias affects their candidate choice.

It is not always done consciously, but even unknowingly, there are chances that you partake in biases. 

Interview-as-a-service providers usually follow standardized interview processes and assessment criteria. It helps with consistent evaluation; why is this necessary? Because it minimizes bias in the hiring process.

Saves You Time 

Time is money. This is because losing even one day on vacant positions can adversely affect your revenue. But interview outsourcing companies are here to change that. 

They simplify the interview process and save valuable time for internal HR teams and hiring managers. It allows organizations to fill positions more quickly, reducing time-to-hire.


Picture this. You have recently secured major funding for your project. But to take things forward, you need a team of 15 engineers to support you as soon as possible. Now, doing it with an in-house HR team can be difficult. However, with an interview-as-a-service provider to support you, there is nothing to worry about. 

Outsourcing interview companies offer the flexibility to scale up or down based on hiring needs. Whether you are hiring for one position or hundreds, they can adapt to meet your requirements.


With interview-as-a-service, you can customize their services to match your organization’s specific needs. This includes coming up with custom interview questions and assessments that align with your company’s culture and values.

Positive Candidate Experience

We have all been there when we give an interview, but the lack of communication makes us frustrated. This is a common complaint among candidates that most companies neglect proper communication during and after the interview. But interview-as-a-service, you can change that. 

With efficient scheduling and clear communication, they enhance the candidate experience. This positive interaction can improve your brand and attract top talent.

Global Reach

One of the major advantages of an interview-as-a-service platform is that it expands your reach. So you can easily interview and hire candidates internationally. Interview outsourcing companies can provide interview expertise across different regions and time zones, simplifying the global hiring process.

Cons of Interview-as-a-Service

Now that you know all the advantages, let’s unpack a few cons associated with interview-as-a-service platforms. 

May Feel A Sense of Loss 

By outsourcing interviews, some may feel they have less direct control over the interview process. It could lead to concerns about the quality of interviews or their alignment with company culture. 

Integration Challenges

When you choose a platform that tough to navigate through, it can be hassle-some to integrate it with your existing recruitment systems and processes. This may require additional time and resources. 

Resistance to Change

Change is not always easy. Sometimes, internal teams, especially hiring managers and HR personnel, may be resistant to outsourcing the interview process. This can be because they might have concerns about losing control over hiring decisions.

Lack of Human Touch 

Some recruiters need a face-to-face interview to connect with the candidates. Especially in some industries where face-to-face interactions help build rapport, outsourced interviews may feel robotic. 

Cost Savings

Yes, interview-as-a-service platforms don’t come free. However, the resources you end up using for interviews and assessments cost you money as well. When you compare the two, interview-as-a-service emerges as the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

Summing Up

Now is the right time to equip yourself with modern recruitment practices. It can be a game changer, making your hiring super effortless. However, the trick to make the most of it is to choose the right interview-as-a-service platform. See which one aligns with your goals and fetches you all the advantages you need. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is interview-as-a-service?

Ans: Interview-as-a-service is a recruitment strategy that provides organizations with comprehensive, outsourced interview solutions. Companies like InCruiter provide such services that help companies in faster and better recruitment.

Q. Which is the best interview-as-a-service provider in India?

Ans: InCruiter is one of the best interview-as-a-service providers in India.

Q. What are the cons of interview-as-a-service?

Ans: Interview-as-a-service does come with a few cons, like integration challenges and lack of human touch. These challenges are not major and can be overcome with a renowned interview outsourcing company.


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