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Best Practices for Evaluating Candidates Using Video Interview Software

Best Practices for Evaluating Candidates Using Video Interview Software

A survey revealed that 47% use video interview software to shorten the hiring timeframe. Are you doing it too?

We are in an era where technology is making our lives easier. Even if you are someone who relished the traditional hiring method, the time calls for a change. But it is not as simple as switching to video interviews. 

To unlock the full potential of this strategic approach, there are also a few best practices you must embrace, especially when evaluating candidates through a video interview platform. What are they? Ahead we unpack the top tips. Stay tuned!  

Practices To Evaluate Candidates Using Video Interview Software

These practices must become a standard to ensure you and the candidate are on the same page and the end result is that you onboard the top talent. 

Practices To Evaluate Candidates Using Video Interview Software

Get Familiar With Video Interview Software  

How will you use the video interview software to the fullest if you aren’t familiar with it?

Today, 66% of companies use video interviewing for initial screenings. Evaluating candidates through video interview software requires adapting to the digital environment while maintaining a comprehensive approach for your evaluation. 

The first step is to get to know all the features of the video interview software, and what it does and offers. For instance, your platform may offer live and one-way video interviews. So, you must choose which best suits your needs. Then, understand the nuances offered by your preferred platform to ensure you make the most of it. 

For instance, if you choose InCruiter, it brings a variety of advantages, such as AI-powered features, ATS integration, and more. Only when you know them will you be able to use them in the right way!

Ensure High-quality Video and Audio

Technical glitches can be very off-putting. You may miss out on something crucial the candidate is trying to communicate. Also, it can create a negative impression regarding the company. Therefore, when conducting video interviews, high-quality audio and video should be a priority. So, opt for platforms that offer the same. For instance, with InCruiter, you don’t have to worry about the quality as it is the best. You can conduct a smooth interview without any glitches and understand the candidate well. 

Try One-Way Interviews 

45% of recruiters say that pre-recorded or one-way video interviews have helped them to streamline the hiring process. One-way interviews are an innovative practice where candidates respond to pre-recorded questions, allowing them to showcase their skills and personality at their own pace. 

This method not only saves time but also offers candidates a fair chance to express themselves without the pressure of live interviews. You can try it out to see if it works for you. It can be perfect for pre-screening the candidates. 

Opt For Real-time Feedback

Real-time feedback can be a game-changer. For instance, InCruiter brings you a live coding compiler. It allows candidates to receive immediate insights and improvements while coding. This makes way for a more interactive and constructive interview experience. 

Real-time feedback helps look for the skills you seek in a candidate effortlessly. You can also gauge how candidates respond to input, how they take feedback and make the necessary corrections to their code, and how well they communicate.

Go For Collaborative Assessment 

Opt for collaboration, especially during the final round. Involve multiple team members to participate in evaluating the candidate. This approach helps you make a decision based on diverse opinions, which means, the candidates go through more comprehensive assessments. 

Score and Rate Responses 

With video interview software, you can score and rate responses during interviews. This feature helps with a structured assessment process where you can assign scores or ratings for each response or candidate. By quantifying and categorizing candidate performance, you can optimize and add a sense of ease to the evaluation process.

Conduct Cheat Proof Interview

Last one on this list yet a very important practice. Always utilize the proctoring feature in video interview platforms to make sure the evaluations are cheat-proof. 

So, what does the proctoring feature do? 

Well, to put it simply, it helps prevent proxy candidates and any cheating during interviews. They typically include identity verification through photo ID checks, facial recognition, and more. Now, even if you are interviewing remotely, you don’t have to worry because you will be assessing the right candidate.

The Final Word 

These are a few tips that can help you evaluate the candidates well while making a positive impression. However, when you choose the right video interview platform, like InCruiter, you have a variety of features to help you out. From live code compiler to real-time feedback, it brings you the ultimate solution. 

Change the way you conduct interviews with the right platform today! 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Which is the best video interview software today?

Ans: Today, there are several video interview software. However, you can try InCruiter if you are looking for a seamless platform with comprehensive solutions. 

Q2. What is a video interviewing software?

Ans: Video interviewing software is a technology tool that enables remote job interviews. It allows employers to conduct video interviews with candidates, often featuring live or pre-recorded interviews, to streamline the hiring process and evaluate candidates more efficiently.

Q3. How can I make a video for an interview?

Ans: To make a video for an interview, you can use a smartphone or a webcam to record yourself. Ensure good lighting, a quiet background, and clear audio, and practice your responses before recording.


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