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Zappyhire v/s InCruiter: Who to Choose for AI Interviews?

Zappyhire vs Incruiter

Once upon a time, someone from the HR department was always glued to the phone trying to schedule the interviews and whatnot! However, with the advancement of technology, we were introduced to video interviews that brought a change, reducing 50% hiring time. Today, we also have AI interviews with additional features to ensure complete ease and efficiency. In fact, 99% of Fortune 500 companies have replaced humans with automated tools, including AI for interviews. 

But which provider should you choose? That’s the question of the hour. So, we are here with a complete comparison between Zappyhire vs InCruiter, so you end up with the best.

Zappyhire vs InCruiter: Overview 

Almost 81% of HR leaders are using AI interviews today. However, along with saving time and resources, AI interviewing software offers a lot more. Its variety of features not only makes the process efficient but also ensures that you hire the top candidate who brings forth honesty and integrity along with other necessary skills. Now, without further ado, let’s look at Zappyhire vs InCruiter. 


One of the top AI and one-way video interview platforms today is InCruiter. It effortlessly lets you conduct interviews leveraging cutting-edge AI technology that helps you stand out. Whether you prefer a one-way interview or a live one, you can let the software take care of the whole process. It adds ease and flexibility, making it easier for both you and the candidate.

When it comes to efficient recruitment, InCruiter has got your back. It automates the entire process, from JD creation to pre-screening. Even if you are trying to recruit for a tech-savvy role, you don’t have to worry about a thing because InCruiter brings you a live code compiler. It lets you evaluate the candidate’s coding skills in real time. 

That’s not all. The range of features it offers makes recruitment a piece of cake. From real-time feedback to cheat-proof interviews, it offers you everything you need and aligns with your organization’s needs easily.


Next, we have Zappyhire on the list. 

Just like InCruiter, Zappyhire brings you automation that simplifies the entire hiring process, handling everything from posting job openings to screening. It’s scalable and easily adapts to any organization’s unique hiring steps.

It offers both on-demand or pre-recorded video interviews with automated scheduling and recording features to reduce recruiter involvement. 

The platform’s video recording and analysis tools also come in handy in evaluating candidates more effectively. Like InCruiter, it also offers a detailed report on strengths and areas for improvement to help identify top talent efficiently.

Zappyhire vs InCruiter: Detailed Comparison Table

Now that you are familiar with both InCruiter and Zappyhire let’s take a look at the detailed comparison table to make it easier for you to differentiate between the two. 

Zappyhire vs InCruiter: Detailed Comparison Table
AI Bot Video Interviews
Flexible Interview Timings
Record And Review Interviews
Automated Candidate Screening
Gamified assessmentsX
AI FeedbackX
Cheat-Proof InterviewsX
Brand CustomizationX
Panels Conduct Live InterviewsX
Automated Interview Scheduling
Interview Slot Mapping With PanelsX
JD To CV MatchX
Structured Interview Process
Realtime Panel Feedback
Live code compilerX
Advanced Analysis

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Both InCruiter and Zappyhire bring a set of features to the table that makes hiring easier. However, at the end of the day, you should be the deciding factor. See which of the two resonates with your requirements and needs. That said, there is one tool of the two that truly stands out with its unique features and brings forth added efficiency. We are talking about InCruiter. InCruiter automates the entire process and makes the entire recruitment process hassle-free. Whether you prefer one-way interviews or live ones, everything is taken care of by InCruiter. 

Now is the perfect time to give your recruitment process an AI boost with InCruiter! 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How can I use AI in an interview process?

Ans: Using AI in interviews streamlines the process by automating candidate screening, assessing skills, and analyzing responses. This saves your time, costs, and resources and lets you onboard the best candidate.

Q. Should you use an interview scheduling platform?

Ans: Yes, an interview scheduling platform offers numerous benefits. It automates the task of coordinating interview times, streamlines communication between candidates and hiring teams, reduces scheduling conflicts and enhances the overall efficiency of the hiring process.

Q. Which is the best AI interview platform today?

Ans: One of the best AI interviewing software today is InCruiter. With a range of features and benefits, it makes recruitment refreshingly easy and efficient.


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