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9 Key Benefits of Using a Video Recruitment Platform for Hiring Managers

Benefits of Using a Video Recruitment Platform

Are you someone who has used video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet to conduct interviews? If yes, then you must continue reading as we decode why using a video recruitment platform will be a game changer for you. 

As a hiring professional, it is crucial for you to conduct quality interviews and hire the right candidates. But that is not guaranteed when you are using a video conferencing tool. Do you know that 74% of recruiters say video interviews have made their life easier? Well, that’s true because of the million benefits that these platforms offer. In this blog, we will discuss the key benefits of using a video recruitment platform and how it will change your hiring game. 

Benefits of Using a Video Recruitment Platform

Video recruitment platforms are the new rage when over 60% of recruiters find video interviews easier to shortlist candidates. Having a designated video interview platform is a must for companies looking to hire top talent. Let us discuss some of the benefits it offers:

Enhanced Collaboration

Having a video recruitment platform paves a path for better collaboration among team members. These platforms offer centralized dashboards where team members can easily access and review candidate videos, share feedback, and collaborate in real-time.

Interviewers Delight

Using video conferencing tools is great, but they don’t make your job easier and more efficient. When you use a video interviewing platform, you get features like an attached JD on the screen, auto transcription and summary, immediate feedback options, on-demand assessment, suggested questions for interviewers, and more. All of this makes the interviewer’s job easier and the entire process effective. 

Time Efficient

Time Efficient

Traditional interview methods are time-consuming, whereas video interview software can save up to 50% of the screening time and 80% of the interviewing time. These platforms enable recruiters to coordinate, conduct, and evaluate interviews faster and more effectively. 

Cost Reduction

In comparison to traditional hiring methods, using a video recruitment tool can reduce your hiring costs by half. Other video conferencing platforms are not fully equipped, and you end up buying other tools and softwares. Whereas in dedicated software, you get all the features at a much lower cost. 

Advanced Technology

One of the key perks of using a video recruitment platform is access to the latest technology, like live code compilers and AI proctoring features. These features help HRs to conduct smooth technical interviews and evaluate candidates better, both subjectively and objectively. 

Objective Evaluation

Having a dedicated platform helps hiring managers with a standardized set for evaluating candidates based on predefined criteria. This helps mitigate unconscious bias and ensures that candidates are assessed objectively. By doing so, recruiters can make their hiring process fair and bias-free. 

Flexibility to Conduct Interviews

Video interview tools offer flexibility to recruiters and candidates, allowing them to conduct and give interviews from anywhere. This provides a chance for HRs to fish in a wider talent pool and hire top talent. This convenience also enhances the overall recruitment experience for all stakeholders involved.

Standardized Interview Process

Interviews conducted in person or through video calls do not have a consistent standard. By using platforms such as InCruiter’s video interview software, interviewers can ensure a consistent interview process. They can get all things in one place, including assessments, feedback notes, attached CVs on the screen, and suggested questions. This eliminates the hassle and makes the entire process effective. 

Data-Driven Hiring

Data-Driven Hiring

Video recruitment platforms offer valuable insights into candidate performance and recruitment metrics. A 2018 study by SHRM found that 72% of HR professionals believe video interviews are effective in evaluating candidate skills and experience. The platform provides data that can later be used by hiring managers to analyze candidate’s soft skills, analytical skills, leadership skills, quality of answers, interview scores, etc.

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To sum it up, video recruitment platforms offer a ton of benefits that not only make the interview process effective but also build brand value. When candidates have a positive experience, they reflect a good image of the company. Incorporating a tool like this into your hiring strategy can yield significant advantages in today’s competitive talent landscape. 

So, if you are still using traditional interview methods or video calls to conduct interviews, now will be a good time to invest in one dedicated software. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a video recruitment platform?

Ans: A video recruitment platform is software designed specifically to conduct professional interviews. They offer features like a live code compiler, automated interview questions, proctoring features, and more that make the interview process efficient.

Q. Can video interview tools work with existing ATS?

Ans: Yes, InCruiter’s video interview tool works well with any existing ATS and also comes with their own ATS.

Q. Is video interviewing platform better than Zoom and MS Teams?

Ans: Yes, video interview platforms are better than Zoom and MS Teams for conducting interviews. This is because they have specific features that help make the interview process efficient.


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