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Live Coding Interview Platforms For Recruiters In 2024

live coding interview platform

Imagine this. You are hiring for a crucial technical role. You conduct several video interviews and find a candidate who seems too good to be true. But you are so impressed with their experience that you hire them right away. However, when it comes to real-life technical skills, they are severely lacking, which you only realize once it’s too late. You don’t want to make this mistake, do you? That’s why 58% of tech companies conduct live coding interviews using a live coding interview platform to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

It’s almost impossible to hire a tech candidate without practically testing their knowledge. After all, how can you know if you are going ahead with the perfect candidate? 

So today, we bring you the top live coding interview platforms for recruiters in 2024 so you onboard only the best. 

Top Live Coding Interview Platforms 2024 

Top Live Coding Interview Platforms 2024 

A live coding interview platform helps tech companies assess coding skills in real-time. They offer interactive coding challenges and let candidates showcase their abilities. So, when you choose video interview software, you need something that comes with live coding features. 

Here are some of the top live coding interview platforms!


InCruiter is more than just a live coding interview platform. It offers interview-as-a-service to start-ups & enterprises that fastrack the hiring process. 

InCruiter is an AI-driven platform that lets you outsource technical interviews to 3000+ expert interviewers. That’s not all. The live coding compiler embedded within the video interview software makes the interview process seamless and fast. It ensures you not only test the theoretical knowledge of the candidate but also their practical abilities. 

But there’s more. From helping you revolutionize your screening process with AI tools to recording and reviewing features, InCruiter has it all. 

Key Features: 

  • Live coding compiler 
  • AI transcription & summary 
  • Calendar invite 
  • White labelling 
  • Auto-suggest 
  • Auto reminder 
  • Real-time feedback 
  • Record and Review
  • 3000+ expert interviewers 

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CodeSignal is an online platform that’s designed to help people hone their coding skills and prepare for technical interviews. But you can also use it to evaluate candidates as it offers a variety of coding challenges and assessments.

With features like real-time coding tests and performance tracking, CodeSignal is popular among companies seeking efficient ways to evaluate candidates’ coding abilities. 

Here, you can assess front-end, mobile, to full-stack developers. It provides role-specific features like build tools, package managers, etc., and collaboration is seamless with video/audio calling.

Key Features: 

  • Developer-focused tools
  • Realistic coding environment
  • Structured evaluation templates
  • Integrated video/audio calls
  • Objective performance insights


HackerRanker is an online platform that lets you conduct live coding interviews. Once the theoretical questions are out of the way, you can use the platform to start coding. 

You can even standardize your process with templates, scorecards, and a browser-based IDE supporting 40+ languages. They also offer record and review interviews with code playback and benchmarking. The platform ensures interview notes are centralized and helps design customized interviews. 

Key Features: 

  • Real-time coding challenges 
  • Templates and scorecards for standardized hiring 
  • Centralized note-keeping 
  •  All-in-one Integrated Development Environment 


These were the top live coding interview platforms in 2024 that can help you effortlessly choose a technical candidate by evaluating their strengths in real time. So, you end up making evidence-based decisions, which is crucial to hiring the right candidate. 

However, one platform that truly has your back and streamlines the entire hiring process is InCruiter. With live coding compiler to AI features, it takes care of all the nuances of an interview, so you hire the best candidate effortlessly. That’s not all. You can also outsource the process to expert interviewers and concentrate on other crucial tasks. This speeds up the process, saving you time and energy.

Supercharge your hiring process today!

Experience the future of recruitment with InCruiter’s live coding platform and transform how you hire.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which platform is best for an interview?

Ans: If you are looking for the best interview-as-a-service platform, you cannot go wrong with InCruiter. It offers a variety of tools, and AI features that make the hiring process easy and ensures you onboard the perfect candidate in no time. 

Q. Why use video interview software?

Ans: 60% of recruiters use video technology to interview candidates, regardless of whether the job is remote. This is because video interview software can save time and costs while driving efficiency.

Q. How do you run a live coding interview?

Ans: To run a live coding interview, choose a platform like InCruiter, set a coding challenge, and observe problem-solving skills in real-time. Here, it is important to assess coding proficiency, communication, and adaptability to challenges to hire the best.


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