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Benefits of AI-Based Interviews for HR Professionals

AI based interviews

We can all agree that this is just the dawn of the artificial intelligence (AI) era. It is here to stay. In fact, its presence has become indispensable in a short span. Today, we have smart applications for almost everything to add convenience to our lives. Even when we turn to the recruitment space, AI is reshaping it by offering many advantages. Almost 30% of companies have increased investment in automation and AI interview solutions in the past 2 years. But do AI-based interviews actually make a difference? We come bearing answers.

In this article, we will discuss all the real benefits of AI-based interviews for HR professionals. Read on to see for yourself if this is the right choice for you.

6 Advantages of AI-Based Interviews For HR Professionals  

6 Advantages of AI-Based Interviews For HR Professionals  

Now, let’s look at the top benefits of using AI-based interview services

Fast Screening

Did you know? You can save about 75% of your time on resume screening with AI interviews. This is just one aspect. AI-based interviews can expedite initial evaluations and screening so you can efficiently sift through a large pool of candidates to pinpoint the most promising ones quickly. 

This swiftness optimizes resource allocation and lets you focus your efforts on candidates who best fit the job requirements and company culture.

Smooth Hiring Process

With AI interviews, you can now conduct effortless live interviews. That’s correct! Using pre-recorded questions, AI conducts live interviews, enabling an interactive and engaging experience for candidates.

This innovative approach streamlines hiring and ensures a thorough assessment of each candidate’s qualifications and fit for the role. This is why 67% of recruiters say AI has improved the hiring process. 

Flexibility and Convenience 

One-way video interviews bring a sense of ease to both candidates and interviewers. Here, the candidates have the flexibility to record their responses to predetermined questions at their comfort. And the HR professionals can review them when it’s convenient for them. 

This approach saves time for both, as responses can be reviewed asynchronously.

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While you look for honest candidates, cheating sometimes goes undetected, especially during remote interactions. However, thanks to AI interviews, you no longer have to worry about it. 

AI algorithms can detect anomalies in responses and help prevent cheating or dishonesty during interviews. It ensures fairness and integrity in the selection process.

Swift Analysis and Collaboration 

Transcription services in AI interview platforms capture every spoken word and make way for thorough analysis. This speeds up the process and helps you collaboratively extract critical insights and make informed decisions quickly. 

With every detail accurately represented, you can also go back to revisit the interviews to cross-check responses. This makes the evaluation process efficient and helps you hire the best.

Unbiased Hiring

89% of hiring managers make judgments about applicants within the first 15 minutes of the initial interview, knowingly or unknowingly. This can severely affect the interview outcome. 

However, with AI-based interviews, you can overcome unconscious biases and enable fair treatment of all candidates based solely on their qualifications and merit.


As you can see, AI in human resources can be a game-changer. From quick and efficient screening to curbing biases, choosing AI-based interview services like InCruiter can help you add convenience and efficiency to your hiring process. 

Today, choosing advanced tools also empowers you as an organization to make informed decisions, which is crucial for success and growth in talent acquisition endeavors.

Optimize your hiring with InCruiter’s smart solutions today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the AI-based interview process?

Ans: The AI-based interview process utilizes artificial intelligence to screen and assess candidates for job roles. It also analyzes responses and behavior patterns to determine suitability efficiently.

Q. Which AI tool is best for an interview?

Ans: Today, one of the best AI-based interview platforms is InCruiter. From conducting live AI interviews to ensuring it’s cheat-proof, the platform brings you a plethora of benefits to make recruitment effortless and ensure you hire the top talent in no time. 

Q. Is there an AI that conducts interviews?

Ans: Yes, there are several AI-based interview platforms like InCruiter designed to conduct seamless interviews, evaluate candidate skills, etc. These platforms make hiring easy and efficient.


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