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What Are AI Interviews? Everything You Need To Know

What are AI interviews?

Today, we live in a tech-savvy era. From AI-driven algorithms bringing us personalized news updates to AI-powered navigation systems, AI is everywhere. It is seamlessly woven into the very fabric of our existence, making our lives easier. In fact, its presence is also seen in the recruitment world, from AI interviews to AI evaluation; it is everywhere.

Gone are the days of traditional interviews, manual scheduling, and the time-consuming back-and-forth between the HR department and the candidates. Now, interviews through AI are here, revolutionizing the entire hiring process with their advanced offerings. They are actually a powerful tool that is reshaping how employers identify and engage with top talent.

In this article, we are here to tell you everything you must know about AI interviews offered by interview-as-a-service platforms. 

What Are AI Interviews?

To put it simply, AI interviews or one-way video interviews represent a new-age methodology in our hiring process. Interview-as-a-service providers like InCruiter offer such interviews that make it easier to evaluate a potential candidate’s skills, competencies, and suitability for a role. 

Unlike traditional interviews, one way video interviews make use of the world of data to analyze and dig deep into a candidate’s responses to questions, facial expressions, and even body language. How does this help? Well, it erases the influence of any human bias or subpar evaluation in the selection process. 

By objectively assessing a candidate’s abilities and personality traits, AI interviews help you make a more efficient and fair hiring decision. They also save time and resources for both employers and job seekers. Today, AI is a major aspect of the hiring process.  

Purpose of AI Assessments 

The purpose of AI interviews is very simple. It is to make the recruitment process effortless by automating candidate evaluation. When you make use of these interviews, you can easily enhance efficiency, reduce bias, save time, and provide data-driven insights, making the hiring process more streamlined and effective.

How AI Interviews Work 

How AI interviews work?

Step 1: First, you create and define the job role you are hiring for. 

Step 2: Next, you set up questions using AI. Here, you encounter a combination of prefilled questions with the option for you to add custom ones, tailored to your requirement.

Step 3: You send out interview invites with the help of the platform. Here, you have the flexibility to send out interview invites with both private and common links. It adds a sense of convenience to the interview process.

Step 4: Next, the AI Bot conducts live interviews. it is able to accommodate candidates from different time zones, ensuring round-the-clock accessibility and flexibility. So, you can rest assured.

Step 5: After the completion of the interview, you will receive detailed feedback reports to help you choose the right candidate. 

Benefits of AI Interviews 

Now, let’s take a look at all the benefits of AI interviews to help you analyze if it is the right option for you! 

Benefits of using AI interviews

They Are Extremely Efficient 

Manually screening and assessing the candidates can be a daunting task, especially if you are dealing with a high volume of applicants. But AI assessments offered by video interview software can help you out. 

Cost Reduction

Since AI interviews automate the entire process, you are able to significantly cut down on expenditure. This is especially valuable for high-demand roles with large applicant volumes, where additional team members may not be necessary to manage the recruitment process efficiently.

Minimum Candidate Dropouts 

Due to the flexibility and convenience offered by one way video interviews, there are minimum candidate dropouts. One of the main reasons is that candidates appreciate the ease of scheduling and participating in interviews. That’s why they are more likely to follow through with the process with AI interviews rather than dropping out.

Flexible Interview Timings

AI interviews with bots easily accommodate candidates from various time zones. Hence, it enhances the flexibility of the hiring process and makes the interviews more accessible. It offers a seamless, on-demand interview process that caters to the candidate’s schedule. Thus, delivering a more convenient and efficient hiring experience. 

Ensure You Make The Right Decision

Hiring a candidate has a long-term impact on your company. You need someone who goes above and beyond, catering to the organization’s success. Here, AI interviews offer you an objective overview along with data-driven insights into candidates’ qualifications, skills, and fit for a role. So, this helps you onboard the perfect candidate whose skills match your requirements perfectly.

There Is No Bias Involved 

AI assessments by video interview software curb any human bias by focusing solely on candidate responses and performance metrics. Therefore, it promotes fairer and more inclusive hiring practices.

Can Be Tailored To Your Needs 

AI assessments can be tailored to assess specific skills or competencies. So, you don’t have to worry. It helps ensure that the candidates meet the exact requirements of a role. 

Can Meet Your Growing Requirements 

Let’s say, a critical position opens up in your organization and numerous skilled candidates apply. Here, one way video interviews can help handle large volumes of applicants efficiently instead of taking care of them manually. This promotes efficiency and saves time too. 

Enhanced Predictive Analytics

Hiring a candidate is almost like an investment in your organization’s growth. So, you always want to make sure that the right candidate is hired. AI interviews can predict a candidate’s future job performance based on their responses, aiding in identifying the best-fit candidates.

A Positive Interview Experience 

Candidates often appreciate the speed and objectivity of AI assessments. Why? Because it is quick and convenient. This leads to a positive impression of the hiring organization.


If you are looking to level up your recruitment process, you need AI or one way video interviews to help you out. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, you not only create the best experience for the candidate but also hire the perfect person for the role. While AI interviews have already made a mark, soon they will likely become an integral part of modern recruitment strategies. Now is the right time to embrace this future-oriented tool and stand out from the competition. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How is AI used in interviews?

Ans: AI interviews can be both text-based or can be conducted through videos. The responses are analyzed and evaluated for relevant skills and qualifications.

Q. How do I prepare for an AI interview?

Ans: Make sure you understand the technology first 
Go through all the commonly asked questions 
During the interview, highlight your relevant skills and expertise 
Be professional and be on time 

Q. What is the AI tool for online interviews?

Ans: If you are looking for an AI tool for an online interview, there are several providers. However, it is essential to choose the top platform like InCruiter to ensure you receive all the benefits and more. 


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