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The Role of Video Interview Software in Modern Recruitment

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The Role of Video Interview Software in Modern Recruitment

Are you still using only the traditional hiring methodologies? Well, almost 50% of recruiters are integrating modern practices like video interview software to reduce the time taken to hire! 

Today, video interview platforms play a major role in the modern recruitment space as they help you stand out by streamlining the hiring process. As a recruiter, understanding the nuances of video interview software can help you conduct effective virtual interviews that make a mark and let you onboard the best candidate. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into the role of the video interview tool in modern recruitment to help you gauge if it is the right fit for you. Let’s dive in!

What is Video Interview Software?

Before we unpack more on the video interviewing platform, let’s understand a little about what it is. 

Video Interview Software is a technology solution that’s been a game changer in today’s recruitment space. It helps conduct live video conversations, assessments, evaluations, real-time feedback, and more. 

These platforms also simplify scheduling, improve collaboration, and often integrate seamlessly with applicant tracking systems (ATS). Using them in your recruitment practice saves time, reduces costs, and expands access to talent pools worldwide. 

Types of Video Interview Software 

The top three types of video interview software commonly used in recruitment are:

Types of video interview software

Live Video Interview Platforms 

Live interviews by interview-as-a-service platforms enable real-time, interactive conversations between interviewers and candidates, just like during an offline interview. Today, almost 86% of employers believe that video interviewing has improved their hiring process. It not only adds a sense of ease but also makes hiring seamless. 

Live video interviews are popular, usually known for their ability to replicate in-person interviews and establish a direct connection between both parties.

Pre-recorded Video Interview Software

Picture this. You have an opening for a project manager, and you have received a high volume of applications. While that’s amazing, sifting through them is time-consuming and hectic. But then, you have an interview-as-a-service platform to help you out. So, instead of conducting initial phone screenings for all applicants, you send them a set of pre-defined technical questions and request them to record their responses. This is pre-recorded video interviewing software. 

Pre-recorded interviews allow candidates to respond to a set of predetermined questions at their convenience. It offers a sense of flexibility. Recruiters can also review these responses later, which leads to an efficient process. 

AI-Powered Video Interview Platforms

According to a survey, almost 60% of respondents confirmed that their organizations currently use AI for talent management.

AI-driven software uses advanced algorithms to analyze candidate responses, facial expressions, and language, providing valuable insights into a candidate’s suitability for a role. This type is gaining popularity for its ability to assess soft skills and predict job fit more accurately.

How Video Interview Software is Making Recruitment Effortless?

How Video Interview Software is Making Recruitment Effortless?

Why does video interview software play the main role in modern recruitment? It is because of the advantages they offer. Have a look!

Remote Interviews

You can be tucked amidst the mountains, taking a work vacation, and there won’t be any interruption in the recruitment process with video interview tools by your side. 

Also, video interview tools allow recruiters to conduct interviews with candidates from around the world. It eliminates the need for physical presence and enables efficient, location-independent interactions.

Easy Scheduling 

67% of recruiters say that it takes almost 30 minutes to 2 hours to schedule an interview. But using video interview software changes that. With automated scheduling features, you can simplify the process of coordinating interviews, reducing the time and effort required to find mutually convenient time slots.

Effortless Assessment

You can easily conduct remote interviews with candidates from across the globe. After each interview, the hiring team uses the software’s evaluation features to rate candidates on key skills and communication. This offers you a clear picture, which is not possible otherwise.  

This effortless assessment process accelerates decision-making, helping the company identify the ideal candidate for the role.

Global Talent Access

Imagine you are a tech company looking for a data scientist with specific skills. Rather than limiting your search to the local talent pool, use video interview software to connect with candidates worldwide. This approach allows you to discover a highly qualified data scientist in different regions. 

Video interviews broaden access and offer you a diverse talent pool. It helps organizations tap into a wider range of candidates and expertise.

Cost Savings

When you eliminate the need for in-person interviews, you reduce travel expenses and any other associated costs. This makes the entire recruitment process more budget-friendly for both candidates and recruiters. 

Time Efficiency

When you compare doing things manually versus with the help of technology, the latter speeds up the recruitment cycle. Calling and scheduling interviews with each candidate or helping them navigate through the process can waste your valuable time. With video software interview, you eliminate logistical delays and enables faster candidate evaluation and selection.


Interviewing tools help with effortless collaboration among hiring teams. Even when team members are located in different geographic regions. It promotes efficient communication and decision-making.

Are You Ready To Embrace Video Interview Software?

Video interview platforms can be an advantage to ensure you hire the top candidate easily. It is amplifying recruitment. It improves accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency for both employers and candidates. 

In fact, it accelerates the entire recruitment process, from scheduling interviews to conducting assessments, which results in faster hiring decisions. If you want to gain that edge and ensure you onboard the best, this solution is something you must start using today. However, don’t be hasty. Make sure you choose the right platform that aligns with your requirements and needs. 

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