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10 ways AI Interviews Will Change Tech Recruitment

10 ways AI interviews will change tech recruitment

According to SHRM, 88% of companies are using AI in their human resources department globally. From chatbots to finding relevant company details, identifying top candidates for the firm, and getting recommendations for employee training to screening and assessing applicants during recruitment, AI for HR is Donna Paulsen to Harvey Specter. If you get the reference, you already understand how efficiently artificial intelligence does its job in human resources. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to how AI interviews will change tech recruitment. 

Why AI Interviews are Important for HR? 

Why AI Interviews are Important for HR? 

If you want your organization to improve its recruitment strategy, then it’s worth considering Artificial Intelligence interview platforms. These tools improve efficiency and enable candidate assessment at a large scale. They help eradicate bias in the early stages of recruitment, provide a good applicant experience, and contribute to money and resource savings. Experts recommend using one-way video interviews for modern HR department requirements, including streamlining interviews.

10 Ways AI Interviews Will Change Tech Recruitment

AI interview tools streamline the interview procedure by saving resources and time, making it a perfect fit for all types of businesses. Software like InCruiter’s AI Interviews provides an ascendable interview solution that is customizable and effective. Here’s how AI interview tools will impact tech recruitment: 

10 Ways AI Interviews Will Change Tech Recruitment

4X Faster Hiring 

This software accelerates the hiring procedure by automating applicant assessments, allowing recruiters to focus on their core tasks. This leads to 4X faster hiring, which is crucial for the fast-paced tech industry. 

100% Automated Platform 

AI interview platforms are fully automated, developed to handle everything from the initial one-way interview and scheduling interviews using interview scheduling software, to assessing applicant’s compatibility and skills. 

80% Cost Reduction 

AI interviews are made to streamline the interview process but they can also help in reducing hiring costs by 80%. By eliminating the need for advertising and manual screening, recruiters can save money and resources and invest it in much better things like employee training. 

Unbiased hiring 

AI interviews eradicate partiality from the early stages of hiring. It assesses applicants solely on their qualifications and skills, promoting inclusion and diversity in tech firms. 

Flexible Interview Timings 

The best thing about AI interviews? They can be conducted at the applicant’s expediency, accommodating different schedules and time zones. This flexibility enhances the candidate experience. 

Minimum Applicant Dropout 

AI interviews offer an exclusive and more engaging candidate experience, reducing the chances of dropouts and ensuring that more skilled individuals complete the interview procedure. 

Skills to engage with recruitment tools 

HRs need to adapt to AI-driven software, which can lead to skills development and expertise in using advanced HR platforms. 

Improved Online Application 

AI-driven tools provide an applicant-friendly procedure, making it easier for tech candidates to apply for the relevant position. 

Ensuring the Best Fit 

AI interview tools use data-driven insights to match applicants with the best-fit role, increasing the chances of finding the finest candidate for the tech team. 

AI-Led Interview Process 

The AI-led interview procedure makes sure that every applicant is screened reliably based on pre-determined criteria, eliminating human mistakes and subjectivity. 

Does this mean AI interviews will replace HR? 

According to Undercover Recruiter, AI will replace 16% of jobs but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose your job. Technically, it is here to improve hiring procedures so you can focus on other core tasks of your job. While AI definitely can automate interview tasks, it can’t imitate the human skills and intelligence that HRs bring to the table.

Hiring managers and human resources professionals remain important for final candidate screening, crafting company culture, managing professional relationships, and making important decisions that require human understanding and empathy. AI interviews serve as crucial software that improves HR efficiency, enabling them to focus on people-oriented and strategic aspects of their job. 


Overall, AI is here to make Human resources a worthy and extraordinary experience for professionals who often think that this job is boring and doesn’t require much effort. With AI interviews, HRs can focus on crucial aspects of their job such as maintaining a healthy and inclusive environment, ensuring good employer-employee relationships, hiring the best talent across the globe at their convenience, etc. So, are you ready to experience this game-changer tool? 


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