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Best Video Interview Platforms for Startups

Best Video Interview Platforms for Startups

According to the World Economic Forum, there are over 250 AI interview tools with many impressive features. Of all the options available, video interview platforms are gaining popularity due to their amazing features and results. 

Beyond processing data effectively, they can streamline the entire interview procedure, from scheduling to helping recruiters make informed hiring decisions. Since a video interview platform can be this promising even for startups, it would be hard to pick the best one. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you. Here is a list of the best video interview platforms for you to choose from. Keep Scrolling! 

Top 5 Video Interview Platforms for Startups

Top 5 Video Interview Platforms for Startups


InCruiter is one of the leading tech-driven interview solutions for organizations of all kinds. It allows enterprises and startups to find perfect fits for their firm through accurate screening. They aim to improve HR processes by letting them focus on their core business activities while they handle interview prerequisites. InCruiter’s video interview software is available in the UK, USA, and all around the world, crossing two million+ interviews in minutes. 

Features: Candidate Tracking, Scheduling, Calendar Invite, Auto JD to CV Match, Real-Time Feedback, AI-powered JD, Live Code Compiler, Interview Slot Mapping With Panel, Panel Management, and White-Labelled Feedback Report


Another leading video interview tool that helps reduce manual efforts and provides specific results within a few minutes. Affordable and fast are the USPs of this video interview tool.  

Features: Question Library, interview practice session, interview management 


Hireflix is the most trending one-way video interview tool for startups. With a modern and minimalist user interface, they serve to make hiring efficient. With this tool, you can capture video answers from the applicants and streamline the entire interview process. 

Features: Customizable think time, WhatsApp Invites/SMS/Email, retakes, automated transcriptions, 20+ language, SOC2 complaint, access logs


If you don’t want to spend hours on mundane hiring tasks, Zappyhire is the best video interview tool. With aI-enabled video interviews, digital assessments, and gamification, this video interview software is here to take your hiring game to the next level.

Features: Applicant tracking system, intelligent resume parser, robotic video interview, AI assessments, recruiting chatbot, integrations, predictive hiring, collaborative hiring, recruitment marketing, talent acquisition software, pre-screening


Another best video interview software for uncoordinated visits to your organization. This software can access and observe potential applicants for employment purposes. If you’re hiring in bulk, then this is the right tool for you to save time and interview efficiently. 

Features: Video interviewing, pre-hire assessments, interview scheduling, coding assessments 

Selection Measures for a Video Interview Platform 

Still confused about how to select the best video interview tool for your organization? Here are key factors that you can consider: 

One-way and two-way video interviews

The best video interview tools allow setting up one-way interviews for candidates to record pre-determined questions. Applicants who are selected for the next round should be able to attend one-on-one, live, and group interviews through the tool. 

Time control 

Some assignments are meant to be performed under time constraints, and the best interview tools will have built-in mechanics for this feature. 

Easy set-up 

Whether the interviewer is tech-savvy or not, the tool should have an easy set-up, invite procedure, and friendly usability, offering a positive user experience. 


Check whether the tool can connect with a third-party tool like ATS (applicant tracking system) or emails to ensure the finest functionality. 

Value for price 

Check how appropriate the video interview software’s price is for the capabilities and features. Is pricing flexible, transparent, and clear for on-demand video interviews? 


Irrespective of whether a company is operating on hybrid or remote, video interview platforms are the right and most significant tool for them to make the interviews efficient and less intimidating. However, make sure to calculate everything from features to cost before picking any platform for a better user experience.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How can video interview platforms help with hiring candidates from anywhere? 

Ans: Video interview tools aid remote hiring by allowing global accessibility, easing interviews from anywhere, enhancing candidate assessment, and improving collaborations. 

Q. Why should startups use video interview software? 

Ans: 60% of HR managers already use a video interview platform to improve interview efficiency and candidate experience. Less time on hiring, keeping qualified candidates in the hiring pool, and cost-efficiency are some reasons why a startup should consider using interview solutions.

Q. Is there any of the best video interview software that can save both money and time? 

Ans: Yes! Incruiter is one of the leading video interview softwares that has already served 250+ organizations all over the world. In terms of improved efficiency, money, and time-saving, this tool has the best features. 

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