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How AI Interviews Are Reshaping Hiring Practices in the BPO Sector?

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Staffing shortages have been a significant challenge for BPOs, with an average annual attrition rate of 30-35% in the industry. So, when there is a shortage, the competition is also high. This means that when it comes to hiring, you must conduct interviews upon interviews, which almost becomes a never-ending task. But even then, it feels almost impossible to strike a balance between fulfilling the demand and hiring the top talent. However, in this era of technology, you have AI interviews to help you out. 

In fact, AI adoption in BPO is expected to increase by 47% by 2025 because of the exclusive benefits it brings. From effortlessly conducting the candidate screenings to making the process seamless, AI interviews are a recruiter’s best friend. Let’s unpack more ahead! 

5 Ways in Which AI Interviews Are Reshaping Hiring Practices in BPO

5 Ways in Which AI Interviews Are Reshaping Hiring Practices in BPO

Here are the top five ways that AI interviews are changing how hiring is conducted for the better. Take a look! 

Automated Screening

AI is changing the way hiring is done. We can all agree. Almost 80% of organizations use AI to schedule and screen candidates, as it makes the process easy. 

When you automate the process, it enables efficiency and reduces the time taken per hire. How? You now have features like JD to CV match, video interviews with AI, auto-suggested questions as per the JD, and instant AI feedback reports. All this makes the process absolutely seamless.

24/7 Accessibility

Imagine this. A top candidate applies for a position but resides in a different time zone. This candidate can be the best fit. But, with traditional methods, scheduling can become downright scary. 

However, with one-way video interviews, you can offer flexibility, which lets candidates engage at their convenience. This expands the talent pool globally as it accommodates individuals from various time zones and schedules. So, you just upped your game.

Also, AI interviews can offer automated scheduling, personalized question selection, and instant feedback, which further enhances the candidate experience. 

Enhanced Objectivity

You don’t want to lose efficient candidates to bias. 89% of hiring managers tend to make quick judgments. But AI acts as a neutral evaluator. It erases human biases from the decision-making process. This objectivity guarantees fair assessments based solely on skills and qualifications, so you end up with the perfect candidate. 

Cheat-Proof Interviews 

When you are interviewing a vast number of candidates day in and day out, chances are you miss out on the minute nuances. And at the end of the day, you don’t want a candidate who has aced the round for his cheating abilities. With advanced proctoring features, behavioral analytics, screen recordings, and real-time monitoring features offered by AI interviews, you can conduct a comprehensive assessment.

This allows you to differentiate between genuine responses and suspicious behavior and ensures that candidates are evaluated based on merit rather than deceptive tactics.

Data-Driven Decision Making

AI changes candidate interactions into valuable insights. This helps HRs make informed decisions. This data-driven approach fine-tunes the entire hiring funnel, reduces hiring time, and improves the overall recruitment effectiveness within the dynamic BPO sector.

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Now you know how AI interviews are reshaping the hiring practices in the BPO sector. But this was just the tip of the iceberg, and a robust platform like InCruiter has much more to offer. Remember, AI-based interviews are not the talk of the town just because they are the latest in HR; they are trending because of the ease and efficiency they infuse into recruitment. AI interviews streamline hiring, offering efficiency through automated candidate screening, 24/7 interview flexibility, and enhanced objectivity. All this comes together to improve the overall hiring process.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is AI the answer to recruiting effectiveness?

Ans: AI enhances recruiting with efficiency, automating tasks, and improving objectivity. When you have a robust AI interview platform by your side, it significantly contributes to effectiveness by streamlining processes and decision-making in hiring.

Q. How does AI help in the hiring process?

Ans: AI simplifies hiring by automating tasks, ensuring 24/7 availability, and making the process bias-free. This expedites the process, making recruitment more easy and efficient.

Q. Can AI do an interview for me?

Ans: Yes, with platforms like InCruiter, you can let AI or an expert interview panel conduct an interview for you. You can also use the video interview software for live interactions. 


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