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How Can You Leverage The Growing Interview-as-a-Service Market?

Interview as a Service

Did you know the growth of the interview-as-a-service platform is said to be 10x in the next 6 years? And this number will only grow. 

If you take an in-depth look at it, you will notice it has only grown seamlessly ever since its inception. Today, there are interview platforms equipped with AI to make the interview experience even better for recruiters. 

With a range of cutting-edge features, it speeds up the process. While 67% of hiring managers vouch that AI saves time, 43% also believe that it completely eradicates biases from the hiring process. 

So, how do you leverage the growth of the interview-as-a-service market to your advantage? We will bring you all the information ahead. Keep reading!

5 Ways To Leverage The Growing Interview-as-a-Service Market

5 Ways To Leverage The Growing Interview-as-a-Service Market

Here are the top five ways to use the interview-as-a-service platform to your advantage. Take a look!

Bring Your Hiring Process On The Right Track

Change is constant. We have all come across this famous saying. It holds true even when it comes to your hiring process. 

Only relying on traditional methods doesn’t serve the purpose. It’s like relying on written letters in the era of WhatsApp. When you do that, you give your competitor the upper hand. 

So, rely on a robust interview outsourcing company to streamline your hiring workflows. Automate scheduling, candidate assessments, and feedback processes. It cuts the time taken by 50% and enables a smoother recruitment journey.

Reach Candidates Beyond Borders

Diversity not only makes you look good as an organization but is beneficial for you as well. Companies in the top 25% for ethnic and cultural diversity were 36% more profitable than those in the bottom 25%. 

So, leverage the flexibility of the interview-as-a-service platform and conduct interviews round the clock. Access a broader talent pool globally. Go beyond geographical barriers and connect with candidates from diverse backgrounds to create an inclusive and diverse workforce. 

Offer Your Candidates A Better Experience 

Today, the job market is entirely candidate-driven. At least 86% of recruiters and 62% of employers say so. Therefore, a positive candidate experience must be on top of your list, which AI interviews and interview-as-a-service platforms can offer. 

User-friendly interfaces, flexible interview timings, and interactive features offered by these platforms enhance the overall candidate experience. A positive impression during the interview process can strengthen your employer’s brand and attract top talent.

Use of The Latest HR Tech, Like AI, in Hiring 

Top interview-as-a-service platforms like InCruiter offer AI interviews to elevate the hiring process. Almost 45% of hiring managers use AI in recruitment to onboard talented candidates. 

AI-powered interview-as-a-service platforms provide intelligent insights with absolute ease. Also, leverage analytics to assess candidate performance, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions to improve the quality of your hires.

Stay Agile In The Changing Market 

In this day and age, staying agile in response to changing market demands or unexpected events is crucial. As an organization, you also want to ensure that your hiring processes remain effective and efficient in dynamic environments.

Interview-as-a-service platforms come to your rescue. They offer a sense of flexibility and cater to your unique needs without any issues. 

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Wrapping Up

It’s essential to recognize the potential of the growing interview-as-a-service market, as it offers opportunities to transform your hiring strategy. Begin by carefully identifying your specific business needs before selecting the appropriate platform. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Emphasizing originality and innovation is crucial for standing out; merely mimicking competitors may not effectively distinguish you. Additionally, ensure that the chosen platform aligns with your requirements. Even the best interview outsourcing company won’t make a difference if it doesn’t resonate with your organizational needs. 

Lastly, integrate AI-driven tools for enhanced candidate assessments. AI is the latest in technology, and 57% of recruiters already use it to gain an edge. 

When it comes to hiring, it is crucial to stay updated on emerging trends and continually improve the interview process to make sure efficiency and effectiveness never take a back seat.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is an interview-as-a-service?

Ans: Interview-as-a-service is a modern-day hiring solution that offers comprehensive alternatives for conducting interviews. From providing tools for scheduling and video conferencing to candidate assessments, a robust service provider offers you a host of incredible features.

Q. Which platform is the best for online interviews?

Ans: The best platform for online interviews depends on your requirements. However, if you are looking for the top interview-as-a-service provider, InCruiter is the best choice. 

Q. What tools are used in an interview?

Ans: Common tools used in interviews include video conferencing software, applicant tracking systems, technical assessment tools, etc.


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