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Intervue vs InCruiter

Picture this. You have to recruit the perfect candidate, and this is a crucial position. But you also have a variety of other tasks that require your attention. From sifting through resumes to cross-checking the references to the final hiring, it can take about eight weeks. But this number can go higher if there are plenty of applicants. Now, what if you could make a note of all you need in a candidate, and within a couple of weeks, you have the best applicant, exactly what you are looking for? This is what happens when you choose the best interview outsourcing company.

But which one is the best? Don’t worry. Today, we will walk you through Intervue vs InCruiter so you make the right choice! vs InCruiter: Overview 

Outsourcing interviews can not only offer convenience but also ensure you hire the best candidate. This is because the top interview outsourcing company offers AI features that can help you stand out. This is why 88% of recruiters make use of AI in their recruitment process. So, without further ado, let’s dig deep into InCruiter vs Intervue and see which interview-as-a-service makes a mark.


InCruiter brings you one of the best Interview as a Service platforms that makes recruitment effortless. It is ideal for both tech and non-tech requirements. The platform can conduct interviews within just six hours and has the capacity to conduct 1,000+ interviews in a single day. So, if efficiency, speed, accuracy, and ease are crucial factors in your hiring process, InCruiter has you covered. It has a vetted network of 3,000+ expert interviewers from different industries who streamline recruitment within no time. 

This AI-powered interview intelligence platform helps you set up the job description and interview questions and even send invites with just a click. To safeguard the process, InCruiter comes with AI proctoring features so the interviews remain cheat-proof. It is one of the few interview service providers that take care of the end-to-end procedure effortlessly.

Did you think that was it? InCruiter comes with a variety of other attributes, such as detailed feedback reports, auto suggestions, technical assessment, brand customization, etc.

The next interview outsourcing company on our list is Intervue. Their main focus is only on tech hiring, unlike InCruiter. Their system brings you incredible efficiency and lets you schedule an interview with the first candidate within 38 minutes of receiving your request. Once the interview is concluded, you will receive a detailed feedback report. brings you a network of 2,500+ interviewers who are experts in their field. This helps you navigate through technical interviews seamlessly. They also offer a feature called Coding Curriculum with feedback, which provides detailed analytics of candidate rejections. Mock interviews and cheating detection are a few other features it offers. However, if you are looking to embrace AI interviews, you are missing out. 

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Now that you are aware of both the platforms take a look at the detailed features table for a side-by-side comparison. vs InCruiter: Detailed Comparison Table 


While both platforms are strong contenders, there can only be one winner. InCruiter overtakes Intervue with a few features, including the use of AI. However, at the end of the day, it all depends on your requirements. But whether you are looking to hire for technical or non-technical roles, InCruiter has got your back. 

Say yes to hassle-free hiring with the best interview outsourcing company today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which AI tool is best for interviews?

Ans: If you are looking for the best platforms to conduct AI interviews, you cannot go wrong with IncBot by InCruiter. From live AI interviews to on-demand ones, this platform offers a wide range of features to make hiring effortless. 

Q. How does interview-as-a-service enhance hiring efficiency?

Ans: Interview-as-a-Service streamlines the hiring process by providing experienced professionals who conduct structured interviews, so you save valuable time. It ensures a consistent and fair assessment of candidates and helps with faster recruitment cycles.

Q. What is the top benefit of using an interview outsourcing company?

Ans: Increased scalability and flexibility, along with effortless, faster hiring, are the top benefits of using an interview outsourcing company.


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